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We needed a new bed mattress and decided to go with one at costco. It was our first costco experience so we joined.

They day my wife wanted to pick up the bed I was out of town. She loaded the trailer and headed to costco. She immediately asked how she should go about getting the bed mattress, king size, and was told to get a cart and someone would meet her on the isle. She asked if anyone could load it and was told no but they would put it on the cart for her and roll it to the front while she finished her shopping.

30 minutes later she finally rounded up someone to get the mattress from the shelf and load her cart. The original request for help never showed. The guy loaded the cart and started to walk off. My wife asked if he was going to take it up front and he said 'No, just roll it to the front, its easy', something to that nature.

By the time she reached the front of the store w/ a cart loaded down with a king size mattress slight damage most likely had been done to products that hit the floor as the mattress scraped down the isles, as one would expect. After her purchase at the front she asks for help loading and waited again. Finally someone walked out to the truck and trailer with her and helped her load the king size mattress on the trailer then proceeded to leave. She asked if they were going to secure it in any way and they replied that it's not Costco's policy.

They are not allowed to secure anything, only load, for liability. Now, this is my biggest complaint aside from the lack of help and customer service. Never have I ever shopped anywhere that needed something secured that had such a policy, nor the horrible customer service. Lowes, Sears....

I've never heard of such! If Costco wants my money, then provide some customer service. If your not going to do this then why sale such large items at your stores, stick to the internet / e-commerce! Anyway, my wife tried for a long time to get help in the parking lot to strapping the mattress down.

She had her straps and was ready but needed one single hand to hold the hook on one side while she cranked down the other side. In this area, where people have more money than heart, people just walked by and starred. She then went to ask for help just to hold down the strap and they wouldnt have to play any other part in securing the product to our trailer and they said they could not. By this time over 2 hours have passed since she entered Costco with the only shopping being this one item.

She called me on the phone crying because she didnt know what to do. I told her to go in and have them come get the mattress, give us our money and membership back, and go home. Then I called Costco myself from out of town. I asked them about all this and why they could not just at least hold down one end of the strap with one finger?

They said they could probably do that and put me on hold. I eventually hung up after several minutes of waiting. Shortly after someone exited the store and approached my wife with a document stating their policy on not helping their customers secure merchandise purchased from Costco, then went back inside. If this would have been me I would backed my trailer thru the front door of Costco and pushed the mattress off and made a big scene.

The end of the story ends shortly after a family member comes to the store to help my wife because by this time she was not in a state to go back in the store or deal w/ returning it. She just wanted to be done and let me take it back when I could. I have so many issues complaints about the first experience with Costco but my biggest is their policy and customer service. I never thought I'd see the day where businesses that want your money have this attitude.

What happened to customer service. It Costco understood what customer service means, they would not even have such a policy and train their employees at it as well. So, someone sued Costco or something happened along the way w/ an employee not securing merchandise properly at some point? Most likely.

I have to assume they wouldn't have this policy going into the business. It's part of doing business. If you can't provide customer service and way for your customers to get their merchandise home, then why are you selling it? So does Costco deliver items you purchase in the store?

No. Your on your own unless you shop online.

I'll never purchase another item from Costco and I will be spreading this like a disease as the internet marketer that I am. Thanks Costco!

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And she was going to bring this into the house how? Were you expecting a Costco employee to go home with her to help her unload and set it up?


Interesting is dated March 16, 2011.........Costco opened its first store in Knoxville on 11/9/2012.


"I will be spreading this like a disease" and the disease is Stupidity


This is so traumatic your wife stands outside and cries? How old is she?

12? She set out without being prepared - what a shock that she didn't have a friend to go with her!

If someone had tied your matress down and they honestly tried to do it properly, but the matress fell off the truck would you still complain or just file a law suit? And this policy applies to everyone - look around did she see a bunch of employees climbing on trucks and straping things down?....No - she didn't...she just thought she was more important than anyone else and she's not.


I'm surprised they still load stuff for people. Don't blames the stores - blame the idiots that sue and the lawyers that represent them.




You, sir, are a twit. Compare the price at Costco where you (assuming you have a brain) knowingly take care of the delivery - and then see the price for the same item at a furniture store where, in addition, you'd pay for the delivery. As I said - you are a twit, and a selfish one at that.


Finding help at Costco is like Walmart, full of employees that avoid customers.

Note: In the future use paragraphs please.


I am sorry but I have to agree with all of the above...if you want something at a great value get it at Costco. And since it is a big box store it is cash and carry - and they mean cash and carry.

And wanting to drive "my trailer thru the front door of Costco and push the mattress off and made a big scene" do you want to be arrested? Because I'm sure someone (and not necessarily an employee) would have called the cops had you done that - I would. You might have hurt someone and YOU would have been sued; or just arrested for trespassing because at that time you would have been - probably damaging private property - oh yeah buddy good move.

And lastly - if you can get your knuckles off the ground and set down the club long enough to act like a man why would you send your wife to a store to buy something YOU would have had trouble settling on to your trailer, when you were out of town? Why not have her buy have a queen size inflatable mattress (which you could also use for guest - what a thought!) until you got home and then you could go together? But instead you get on here and whine because someone didn't do what you wanted. And you are screaming about bad customer service??

As for "hanging up after several minutes of waiting" did you think that MAYBE that agent was calling the store for you? So see if a manager or someone could help her - possibly?? Or just ASSUME that the agent was just doing nothing?

I like what "ML" said - she needs a real man.


I am sorry but were you hopeing someone would help your wife then when the mattress fell off the trailer you could sue?? That is why Costo has that poicy.

Apperently you never shop at Menards or Home Depot or Lowes.

At any of these places they will help you load your purchase but strapping it down in up to you. This complain is invalid.


You sir are a few watts short of a bright light. Why would you ever send your wife for something like that?

How was she to unload it?

Get it in the house? Next time call 1-800-MATRESS they deliver.


Also, it's convenient that your wife would choose to pick up the mattress when you were "out of town"... What kind of relationship do you two share?

What was the rush to get a mattress while you were "out of town"?

Makes me wonder.... I mean, she couldn't wait until you return?


I thought king sized mattresses were actually two twin mattresses?

And why would you send your wife to pick up something of that size? Grow up, as*h*le!

Next time stay home and take care of business yourself instead of coming here and whining like the *** you are. Your wife should divorce you and marry a real man!


Good point on this. If you want service go to a real store. If you want a warehouse, go to Costco and by the way, Bring Your Own Forklift!


If you want customer service, go to your local furniture store or mattress store where customer service is part of the cost you pay. If you want something CHEAP go to COSTCO. I'm sorry, I really don't see what you have to compain about!

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