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I am appalled by Costco's aggressive upselling of memberships. Today I went into the Ajax Canada store with my wife and daughter to renew our membership using the 2% we earned last year. I explained I wanted to go with the regular membership this time, then I felt I was interrogated as to why. I patiently and politely listened to the lady list all of the benefits I would reap by paying 60$ more a year for the executive membership (primarily getting the said membership at a lower cost next year). I said thank you and repeated my request for the regular membership, and the balance of our rewards to be redeemed in cash. I was then humiliated in front of my wife and the passing public as the lady refused to listen, patronizing and debasing me for my explanations as to why I wanted to keep our 2% bonus for ourselves. My wife likely now out of embarrassment and pressure decided to go with the higher priced membership causing even further tension.

Now there are TWO membership reps at us, with one typing madly into the computer what was occurring. I was now red in the face and flustered feeling ignored and defeated, so I gave in and paid the 120$

I am used to this behavior from the techs at Mr. Lube or the service advisor at the dealership, but today took upselling to a whole new level! Costcos membership quotas and numbers are even printed on the wall in plain view behind the counter.

AND to as insult to injury I am treated like a thief every time I leave the store by having to prove my merchandise has been paid for, DIDN'T THAT ALREADY HAPPEN AT THE POINT OF SALE?!

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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