Chico, California
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My complaint against Costco is not about their products at all. It is about management.

Specifically, a Costco Manager in receiving has been sending my wife sexual harassment text messages who is also employed at the same location. She states she has advised this individual to stop the text messages. I notified the store manager and it appears this has gone no where.

I also learned that this is not the first time for this employee. You would think that a company as big as Costco would have sexual harassment guide lines in the workplace but I guess not.

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It has to be during work hours for Costco to legally do anything.


Over the phone and off of work is just plain harassment, but nothing Costco can stop.

You also can't file that for your wife.

She has to.


Something's So Not right with this. first off, Costco does not accept this kind of behavior so if you have a real problem go higher in management.

I don't think anyone would send sexual text to another employee that wasn't doing the same in return. Why? Because the person he's texting could show the warehouse manager & he could be fired.

Maybe you found something your wife needed to cover up or maybe she was a participant & then decided against it. Either way, if it's a real issue, it could be handled if she wanted it to be.


i call ***. why are you whining about it here.

doesn't make sense. be a man.


There is only one way to stop it: You and some buddies, maybe dad-in-law, brother-in-law, all pay him a little nocturnal visit and set him straight on a few things.


That's what I think he should do or fire the ***. Or boths


Save the texts and call a lawyer.The texts are proof of sex harrasment.Costco is a big company.Your wife is due for a big settlement.


Sure... How about his wife is not telling the whole story.

Bet you a buck she's been sex texting too & just got busted. Lol


Proof of what? We don't even know what the texts say!

This could be all work-related. It could be lies.

Who knows. Who cares really!

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