San Francisco, California

I went to Costco today. I bring my baby bag.

Obviously, there are only diapers in there, some baby wipes and baby bottle. At the exit, like always the same guy asked to check my bag. Only that employee does it. I usually show it to him.

But after talking to many people and using google. I know I have a right to refuse. He said his supervisor will check my bag. He called his supervisor.

I decided not to wait. Waste of my time. Two men chased after me. He said they can check any bag.

The other guy said its in the contract and there is a sign. But I never got a contract and I don't look at their signs. In fact, I never seen one. I went to other Costcos they never ask or check.

So I told the supervisor, I didn't steal. He said he didn't say I did. Well, then why are you checking my bag. It's like a purse.

He said then I have to check your purse. I was tryin to tell him. He can't. But I just did it, so I can go home.

But other employees don't even check. I told some girl there, no before. She didn't do anything. This guy *** me off.

He is overweight and unhappy! He claims it's his job to check. How come all the other people just let me go? I will file a complaint against discrimination.

The guy was White. I am Asian. My friends go to Costco all the time with their baby bag. Not once did they get asked.

They live and Costco is in a white neighborhood. The one I went to today is in the ghetto. All Asians and Mexicans go there. But I have a right to refuse.

I will do it again next time. I looked further into it. I will tell them they are taking my money. America gives me a right to refuse because it's my private belongings.

Plus the guy ask me to show my purse. I want them to see check every single purse from now on I go because I will complain why mine got checked but no other female. If they check every single purse. I am sure there will be a lot of upset customers.

They will lose a lot of members.

I also read that most thefts are from employees. It's always the insiders!!!

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This is why you don't pay to shop somewhere. You want them to earn your business, not vice versa. This is why Costco's spoiled overpaid employees are so hostile, smug, and useless


Lol you a pansy


They checking customers backpack meaning they dont believe their customers!!! Not a good way to do business...they can set up security check door...but not like this!!


YOU are shopping in THEIR business. They absolutely have the right to check your bags Miss Thang!




You agree to those terms as the contract of membership. its what is signed when you sign and pay for a membership.

If you were given a membership from employer or spouse, they signed and it is a condition of being a member. There are also large signs at the entrance. YOu have the right to cancel your membership and get a refund on your membership fee, but you do not have a right to refuse inspection. The fact that some employees are less vigilant is not an excuse to fight them on enforcing the rules and rights that you gave them when you agreed to the membership.

I worked as security for Costco many years ago. You would not believe the amount of theft. Many people of all races and appearance would steal items and put them into their bags, or stash extra items inside of purchased items. It was our procedure to check every large bag and backpack.

It was usually just a quick glance inside. Someone refusing raises red flags and more careful inspection is done.


Its true. The Membership Agreement you didnt read but signed says it all.


You are quite simply wrong. Your membership agreement states that Costco reserves the right to inspect any container, backpack, briefcase, etc, upon entering or leaving the warehouse.

Now you can choose to continue to shop there or not, but YOU agreed to those rules when you obtained your membership. It's not Costco's fault you didn't read them.