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I have Purchased Cedarlane Organic Chopped Vegetable & Barley Soup since the day it was first introduced a long time ago. Since I have purchased it EVERY WEEK have a bit every night with dinner and love it so much.

NOW yesterday and the week before it was not in the marketing area so I checked with your staff and was told it will no longer be available. You have taken other products away including Mariani Sliced Almonds I used for MANY YEARS and now purchase it on the internet as well as other products.

I have been a member of Costco since it opened in Orange County and then moved to Honolulu. Helen Carroll A Business Executive Member

Reason of review: RRemoval of Products ALWAYS used.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Resending this message and NOW AGAIN the product is not available and Costco is not ordering.


They removed Cedarlane Organic Chopped Vegetable & Barley Soup from my Costco at Simi-Valley, CA too. I am very dissatisfied


After MANY YEARS, you should be smart enough to know that there are many variables that determine items carried by various stores. Often it is not the fault of the store. Try shopping elsewhere.


So, that is why exists tolet them know, do not you think? Thank you for the "helpful" advise to shop elsewhere,