Broomall, Pennsylvania
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When I was leaving the store the person checking out my merchandise insisted on going all through my basket making sure everything I had in the basket was on the receipt. I am an honest person and certainly would not steal anything. His loud comments made it sound like I was trying to get away with something and brought attention to all those also leaving the store. It was embarrassing. I also shop at BJ's and have never been treated like that there.

When I went to the service desk to add my daughter-in-law's name to the account the service person at the desk also was not pleasant. She made me wait before even acknowledging I was there a simple "I'll be right with you" would have sufficed.

when I asked how I go about getting her name on the account She said in a very demeaning voice Does she live with you? I answered yes. Does she have any proof of that? she asked I said, "no not with her she just moved in with me". "Well when she gets some proof that she is living with you come back and we will add her." Now that would have been okay and understandable but it was said in a tone of voice that was very short and as if she were correcting a two year old. It was a very disappointing shopping trip. I just feel you should know how some of your workers are responding to your customers. I wasn't going to do anything about it but after speaking with other shoppers they encouraged me to write you complaining about it.

Thank you,

Bernadette Moncrief

1542 Pennsbury Drive

West Chester, PA 19382

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I don't know how people like you survive even two days in outside world without feeling victimized. But if possible this is a public forum u shouldn't advertise your personal information like address.

Just stop by the local costco get the head office phone number and make a complaint or stop by a different costco and make a written complaint there about this incident. No one should be made to feel ***.