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I just left the Costco Tacoma, Washington . I didn't know my card expired 2-29-12.

I explained to the manager that I am on social security and I get paid tomorrow. I will definitely renew my card tomorrow.

I guess that wasn't good enough the manager was irritated. He proceeded to get loud and lecture me on how he wasn't going to approve my purchase (under $20.00) and I need to renew the card before trying shop at Costco again etc.

I am not a criminal I forgot to renew my card, 8 year member.

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Costco, a warehouse store offering wholesale deals(in some cases) is probably too high end for someone on social security. I make 6 figures and am amazed how much my wife spends each week at costco.

I would suggest saving that membership fee and taking it to walmart where you'll get more bang for you dollar.

Also, you're really not going to save a whole lot at costco unless you're really buying in bulk(I've never spent less than $100 there on any shopping trip). The average costco customer makes a 100k and, the managers are probably used to dealing with people who don't bat an eye at their membership fees..just keep that in mind.


My car insurance expired two months ago, and I was going to pay my premium tomorrow, because I do not get paid until tomorrow. Today on my way to work, I was in a car accident.

I do not know why the police won't wait until tomorrow to write the citation.

I am going to get insurance tomorrow. I was totally outraged.

See, how ridiculous you sound?


Don't membership renew automatically each year and you are billed for the membership? That is what Sam's does. Your membership keeps renewing untill you cancel.


It only renews automatically at costco if you have the costco/amex card.


Like I told this child, telling you "no" is not the same as being rude. Most likely the OP acted like a six year old and kept demanding they make an exception to the point where they had to be told off. Most likely they needed a lecture because telling them no the first 38 times did not seem to work.


I think the OP's point was that the manager was rude. Some of the folks Costco hire are plainly rude and give Costco a black eye.

Something similar happened to a friend of mine at the Gaithersburg, MD store.

If their attitudes do not change, Costco will go down in history just all previous warehouses, e.g. Pace.


Yeah, they'll go out of business just like Sam's Club.

You made a *** statement.


Telling you you cannot continue your purchase because you did renew your card is policy not rudeness.


Unfortunately if Costco let everyone "slide" on their renewal, they wouldn't be a memberhip based warehouse. Membership sales is how Costco functions! The manager should not have raised his voice, but the rules are the rules.

Average Joe101

I agree that the pricing has slowly become worse. Though they still have bargains.

Purchased a jacket for $79 and then was at the local mall and found exact same jacket at a upscale clothing store for $249. Yes i have found more and more items that are not a bargain. Be smart use your smart phone price compare.

As far as executive membereship I have been one for 15 years price is still the same and the benefits save me $1000\'s every year. If your not a business then it might not be for you.

Average Joe101

I don't know about the tacoma store but that would never happen at the fife, tukwilla, covington or issaqua store.

Shame on you Tacoma Costco Manager.

@Average Joe101

Worked big box retail for 8 yrs: many 'older' customers want special treatment and may behave as if offended if their wish is not granted. Many of their requests were against company policy (i.e., handling the customer's personal property, for example, to make repairs or manipulations that they request, just to avoid paying the proper service provider)


Everyone must play by the same rules. If you have been renewing for 8 years then you should have known to renew again this year. They send you a ton of reminders and the manager even gave you a special offer to buy a membership on the spot and you declined his help.