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On 1/10/18 I purchased Ice Mountain Sparking Water (2 cases) at my local Cosco. 24 bottles with 4 flavors.

This is by far the worse product I have ever gotten from Costco and do not feel it is any where near their high standards! I will never buy this product again....it had very little flavor and not a lot of bubbles, also left a bit of an after taste. I had some packets of crystal light at home and have resorted to putting that in my bottles in order to drink them!

I would encourage you to pull this product from your shelves! Donna T Coralville, Iowa Costco

Product or Service Mentioned: Ice Mountain Sparkling Bottled Water.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $12.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Costco Pros: Same time had to stop at cust ser desk had an outstndng xprience.

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I've enjoyed several bottles of iced mountain sparkling water, both flavored and not. Not everyone feels the same of course.

The flavored one is light on flavor however that's what I like. I'm happy to enjoy this product as I do not enjoy regular water and non of the products with artificial sweeteners. As long as I find it safe to drink, I will continue to do so.

Keep 'em coming! Thanks!


Hmmm weird. I loved the Ice Mountain ,sparkling no flavor water.

Lots of bubbles,no after taste,inexpensive. To each their own I guess.


This is the best product Costco sells


I happen to love this product but cannot always find. It has just enough flavor, a bit sparkling and not sweet.

A great compromise between plain water, which I sometimes get tired of and soda, which is all sugar. Don't see why Costco should pull it, you have the choice of purchasing other products.

@A Kleman

I have found it at Walmart and Kroger


I love this sparkling water with just a hint of flavor and zero calories. It's gone from my Costco shelves. I want it back!!!


I've found it at Walmart, Kroger and even the Dollar Tree


I am too very disappointed that Costco stop selling Ice Mountain Sparkling Water. I loved the variety 24 pack.I don’t agree with the previous consumer stating this in their opinion this product is not up to Costco standards


Well I hope it was not your comment that made Costco STOP selling the Ice Mountain Flavored Sparkling Water! I just called today and it has been Deleted from the store!

No warning, nothing! Just not there anymore.

I don’t like herring, so I don’t buy herring! I don’t tell them to take it off the shelf!This was the perfect replacement for soda!Costco PLEASE BRING IT BACK!


Nestle (who owns ice Mountain) Is rebranding and repackaging the sparking waters. New bottles.

New sizes. More flavors. And offering in cans also.

I am not very happy about the new bottle design. I live and die for this bottled water


Sorry to disagree with above comment, but I do realize and respect that each individual have their own taste for sparkling water. Mine is exactly the opposite.

My wife and I both love Ice Mountain Sparkling natural spring water with their variety of flavors. To each his own.