Turlock, California
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Friday 5/19/13 I had my eyes exam done at the Turlock Costco, my doctor recommended I get a certain style of glasses due to skin irratation. When I approched Daniel who was the employee in the optical department, I tried to explain to him what the doctor recommended for me.

Daniel just said the glasses are on the wall. I picked two pair out and went back to Daniel and asked which would fullfill what the doctor recommended. Danile said just buy what feels ok. Daniel was rude and could not be bothered to listen or help at all.

It should be noted I was the only customer in the optical at the time. I told Daniel when he was not so preoccupied. I contacted the eye doctor and learned he had no control over the optical department. He said I need to call Nick the Optical manager.

I called and nick was out, I spoke with asst. store manager Danille, I explained what had happened. I told her I wanted to return when Daniel was not working to purchase my glasses. Danille said Nick would call me back in the next day or two, I was not called.

I called back on Tuesday 4/23/13 asking for Tony the store manager. I was told he was out for at least a week and he did not have voice mail. I called Costco member service at 1-800-774-2678.

They took my info and told me I would be called back that day, I was not called. As of 4/24/13 at 4:30pm I have not be contacted by Costco.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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You realize that the optical center is independent from Costco, right?

And that calling Costco about it is useless because those are not their employees?


I'm an optician. I'm sure the doctor wanted the patient to either have plastic or titanium frames, not the traditional nickel alloy Monel which is what can break people out.

Not rocket science. Daniel was wrong and unhelpful.


Just one thing and only one thing you need to know...The Customer is always Right...The Customer is always Right...The customer is always Right.


The optical associate is not your doctor, so he would have no idea what you may be allergic to. Is it metal?

Then do not get metal frames. Is it plastic? Then don't get plastic. This is not rocket science.

YOU know your skin better than someone who is not trained in dermatology. Your optician sure is not, he is trained in eye care, not skin care.


The point is not that the custome should or should not know what they are allergic to. The point "LadyScot" is that the person got no customer service.

Saying that it was the customers fault that Daniel was too busy texting or picking his nose to actually talk to the only customer in room just shows how irresponsible you are!

Grow up before you try to say something so *** again. Shame on you and your parents.

@An Adult

I am 43 years old and long past the age of my parents telling me what to do. You want help picking out frames that flatter your face?

Ask the associate for help .You want medical help?> Bring your doctor. The kid told the customer where to find the glasses he needs. How the *** would he know if the glasses would break her out? He is not a dermatologist.

HE told her to get the ones that feel right. HE can NOT make any recommendations that have anything to do with a medical condition. It sets him up to be liable if his recommendation breaks her out.

Do I really need to tell you that?

Being told no is NOT bad customer service regardless of how customer like to cry about it. YOU grow up.