Miami, Florida

There is a sign at the front of Costco, Miami, FL, that essentially states that they will search backpacks and large purses. LET THEM TRY!!!

I have not yet encountered this so-called "policy," but most certainly will not permit it! It's their policy?? So what! What if their next policy is to only allow women to work there, or allow people of Here are some samples of flooring that we looked at.

Looks just like wood. We are still trying to choose between them.color to shop in fewer than groups of 4??

Check Constitional Amendment # IV. This is an absurd and insulting policy.

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Private property laws.

You are an ***.


The Constitution relates ONLY to the government. The police, FBI, they cannot search your purse without a warrant/probable cause.

Costco is private property and if they want to search your bag before you go in they can ask to. You can refuse and they can refuse you access and allow you to leave.

This is no different than Disney searching your bags before you enter. If you don't want Costco to search your bag either don't bring it in or don't go in, but the Constitution applies ONLY to the government and Costco is not doing anything wrong.


My wife, and I flew cross country from Atlanta to Seattle to attend a cousins' birthday weekend. The guest of honor asked if my wife and I minded accompanying her husband to pick up additional beer & wine for both of the weekend events, at one of the Costco Warehouse Membership Clubs She handed the card to my wife, while they were in another store together. She had another stop to make, so the three of us, pressed for time, proceeded as requested and stopped at the store to shop for those items. After finding what we needed, it was time to check out. All lines were beyond full; but we patiently waited our turn.

Our cashier must have been having a bad day or something because he was rude and very pushy, not to mention, seemingly ignorant of store policy. He certainly could use some customer service training, as well as the guy that called himself assisting. We didn't get his name but he was wearing a football Jersey. Nonetheless, the cashier advised him that he could not use his wife's Membership Card, but our understanding of store policy states that he could have; only having to verify the same home address. The cashier said that he could not under any circumstances use his wife's Membership Card to purchase this full buggy of beer & wine. So, with time of the essence (phase I of the event soon to begin), I found my expired Membership Card in my wallet, stepped up and paid the membership renewal fee; however, our cashier still would not allow Sterling to use his debit Card to purchase the items. The cashier insisted that this is a membership club and that the membership club card, debit card, and the state I.D. for alcohol purchases all must match to proceed with the transaction.

With all of the dramatics, we reluctantly proceeded, matching up all the criteria, I finished the transaction and got the receipt, then swiftly walked towards the exit door where the Receipt Checker checked our Items marked our receipt and we were off to the parking lot to load up the car. Still ticked off and irritated about what had just transpired, we get to the truck and start loading the items, when suddenly the unthinkable happened, two out of breath individuals; a Caucasian male & a Caucasian female (that never identified themselves), approached us. Things could have gotten really dangerous at that point however, we remained calm but perplexed about being pursued in the parking lot following a legitimate transaction.

I asked how can I help you and the still unidentified male store employee said that “they” told us to come after you; then I asked, who told you to come after us? and he wouldn’t give the name of the person that he took the directive from. Interestingly enough, the sight of employees running through the parking lot stopped traffic and turned heads on this very busy day; other customers were curious to see what was going on. That didn’t stop the the male store employee who asked to once again see our receipt, it had just been presented prior to exiting the building. Both store employees looked into the SUV with receipt in hand and as we previously done in-store, they looked over the receipt comparing printed and actual goods. It was then that the male employee said – wait, we were asked to . . . My wife was getting very impatient with these two. Hold on . . . was the last thing I heard her say to them, before turning and asking me and Sterling if we really needed to continue loading the vehicle or if we should return every bit of it and cancel the regrettably renewed membership? Our receipt was returned to us by these 2 still unknown store employees with only a “we don’t see an issue” response from them -- not an apology, nor a thank you for our time and understanding of the situation, not a thank you for shopping with us, not even a have a nice good day – the two “employees” proceeded to walk back towards the store.

Were we extremely angry and felt violated, embarrassed, humiliated, profiled, and treated like second class citizens & common criminals??? ABSOLUTELY! And utterly disrespected as dis-“valued customers”.

I personally believe that both store policy & law were breached in that instance on August 3rd 2013 4:46pm and I am sure that store surveillance can show some, if not all of what unfortunately transpired that day.


This actually happened to me a month ago at Costco in Rancho Cordova, CA.

I have been an Executive member forever and was wearing a $1, 000 Gucci backpack.

Check every bag if thats "policy". This is a way to profile people by saying "policy". I work for a huge telecommunication company and we choose customer satisfaction and respect over a policy.

Needless to say I did not allow them to search my bag and I canceled my membership. Sams Club is a nicer store and they allow me to wear my backpack.


You are an ***, Costco is on private property and when you sign up for a membership you agree to this. If you don't like it, go to Walmart like all the other trailer trash.


I'm going to take a wild guess and assume you get all of your news from Fox. :grin :grin


I'm sure they would only check your backpacks and purses if they had a reason (like see you put something in it).

Your on their property, if they what to check your backpacks or purse they have every right to, and if you don't comply they call the cops and the cops will search it.


Illegal search and seizure is illegal search and seizure no matter who's property you are on. I am protected by the 4th amendment of the Constitution in protecting myself and my personal effects from being unlawfully searched or seized.

If law enforcement can't do it without probable cause then neither can Costco. They attempted to search my daughter's diaper bag today so I educated them a bit. If they suspect that I was stealing then they can contact the local law enforcement agency...I even told them I would wait for them to show up (even though I don't have to). They can not search nor detain myself or anyone else.

They need to educate themselves a bit and invest in better theft protection measures. They can even go as far as not allowing bags on the premises.

But they CAN NOT illegally search mine or my wife's personal effects without permission. Sincerely, Your friendly local law enforcement officer :)


They cannot forcibly search your bag just like they cannot forcibly detain you. However they can ask nicely to look in your bag and if you refuse they can ask you to leave nicely. And if you do not they can have you arrested for trespassing.


when you sign up, you agree to follow Costco's policies and rules when shopping. You consent to searchs in bags and large purses. Sorry LEO, you need to brush up your understanding of the laws.