Sheboygan, Wisconsin
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Today in Fort Worth, We had spent an hour shopping and then bought one of Costco's fantastic pizzas only to find out they no longer serve Coca Colas to go with it! ONLY Pepsi!

I have been a Coke guy for over 50 years and don't intend to change. I might mention that SAMs Club has Coca!Cola and their delicious pizza is the same price and every bit as good!

You don't have adequate electric carts for handicapped old guys like me, so guess where my future shopping will be?

I don't want you to go away, just wise up! Thanks...

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It's called being cost effective.

Coke kept raising their prices, Pepsi didn't.

The two compete for these spots in major stores.

Pepsi won.


bring back coke in the food courts


Plain and simple, Coke wanted to raise their prices, Pepsi was cheaper. All about keeping costs down store wide for its members. :)


Coke, being better, is more expensive, and to maintain the price point on the hotdog combo had to switch. I for one would have preferred an increase. I think $1.60 would still be a bargain and cover the price difference


But to raise that $1.50 hotdog would mean compromising on costco brand name /philosophy.


Seriously. What is that about?

And fellow anonymous doesn't know what he's talking about. Pepsi does NOT out-sell Coke ANYWHERE. So, if anyone knows why it is Pepsi is being sold at the fountain instead of Coke, do tell.

I don't mind too much. I like Pepsi well enough, but I LOVE my Coke ZERO.


Stores only handle the products that they sell the most of. When it comes to the electric carts for customers to use, there is no set limit to the number they have to have.

The stores that have the carts do it as a customer service, they aren't required to have them.

The trick is to get there so early that you make sure you can get one. Another solutions is to get your own.