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I purchased a Dell computer on 11/27/15 from the local Costco store. A couple of months ago (2/17) I noticed an intermittent video display problem and it got progressively worse.

I had a Costco warranty that covered 12 months after the original manufacturer's warranty of 12 months so I called Costco's Concierge Technical Support on 5/18/17 and spent about 1 hour trying to troubleshoot the problem after which I was told to call back and take a picture of video display problem. Problems with the display continued and I called back on 5/20/17 and spent 2 hours troubleshooting and it was determined that I had a hardware problem. Tried to get transferred to the service dept. but they had left for the day.

Called back again on 5/21/17 and spent 2 hours and was requested to send photos of problem as well as serial numbers of the computer. I was told that it would take between 2-10 days to evaluate photos and determine course of action. I sent photos in on the morning of 5/21/17 and requested confirmation of receipt. On 5/22/17 after not receiving any confirmation of receipt I called Costco customer service to file a complaint about the lengthy process to pursue a warranty claim.

I told them that after spending 5 hours on the phone troubleshooting a being told it would be up to 10 more days for them to figure out what to do was unacceptable. Costco said that the delays I was experiencing were within their normal 30 day turn around time. Costco then contacted the Concierge Technical Support group and after discussions with their escalation representative (Shawn) they said they would send out a return box to me to return my computer for repair and that I should receive it by 5/26/17. I have no idea how long it will take to repair but they did say about 7-10 days.

I also requested that they provide me an explanation of what was done to repair the computer.

In summary, this is not a user friendly warranty where normally you could just return a defective product where you purchased it and pick it up a couple of weeks later. It is too bad that Costco excepted computers from their policy of "If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it anytime for a full refund."

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Claim.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Costco Cons: Ineffective costco warranty.

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