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Arvada Costco cover up. I was injured while paying for my groceries in line.

A manager parked a flatbed cart on my foot. I had two surgeries on my foot. All the cashiers saw this happen. The manager yelled at them while I was passing out.

This happened on October 21, 2014. I was yelled at by Zois Johnston the insurance manager. He told me they will delete the surveillance and I would never prove it. I am writing a book about this incident and all the people covering up for this manager.

Stacy, manager, Annalisa, a supervisor, Zois Johnston, Manager of Insurance, Lena the Cashier that told the truth to the police officer and then lied in Deposition. I think that is Perjury! Cameron, manager that told me Lena was threatened by Costco so she lied. I hate LIERS!

Cameron asked me not to use her name. I told her then you call and ask Costco why they are doing this. Costco is greedy and they do not want to take care of people that they hurt. I share my story with everyone.

Lena the cashier told me they were having meeting to cover this up.

Only the truth will set you free!!!! Judy

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

Reason of review: injury.

Preferred solution: For Costco to do they right thing ! Start with an appoligy!.

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Anonymous are you paid by COSTCO to post messages of hate! Very sad when people like you pick on honest people.

I was crawling around the house both time after my surgeries from this store. Sad when people like these care more about their job then calling an ambulance for the injured customer. Sad that they would delete the surveillance and not take care of me the injured customer. Sad that they would have meetings to cover this up which is what Lena and Molly told me.

Sad that Desire from the stores office would yell at me and the police officer. Very sad that Cameron, a manager, from the Quincy store told me that Lena the cashier was threaten to lie or lose her job. She lied in Deposition. I thought you would go to jail for that.

I shake as I sit here and type about the dishonesty of this company and what happened to me on October 21, 2014 at 5:30. Freedom of Speech and speaking out to let people know what Zois Johnston in Claims is doing to the injured at Costco. Zois told me I would never prove this happened.

I asked him how many times he has done this before. I'm not going away Zois!


Wow I hope your terrible situation gets resolved and your book has better grammar.


HAHAHHA! I was going to say the same thing. You beat me to the punch