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I was getting my receipt checked off at the Kirkland Costco, next memory was of the family that I was looking up at from their cart that I was thrown upon.....a cart attendant came running into the exit with about 20 carts and lost control and rammed my flatbed with the 58" TV ....the metal handle of the flatbed then propelled me into the air and over the cart behind me, and as I scrambled to get back on my feet, it rammed me in the stomach again.....I filled out an incident report and the manager promised to fill in the witness area of the employees involved(never filled out ), eventually Costco's senior claims rep. Jeff Marlowe left me a message that they had completed their investigation and we're accepting full liability, that I was to continue medical treatment til well & then they would reimburse for medical, pay time loss from work, inconvenience and pain and suffering......4 years now and Costco has not reimbursed one dime, they said camera did not exist, So I took picture, then they said it only records outside, then they said it was put in after my accident and that no tape ever existed....they also said for 4 years that I could not see the employees witness statements until deposed for trial, in mediation yesterday they changed that story as well and said they never took statements from their do they retain insurance without filling out reports with all involved in an accident........5 stomach surgeries and one shoulder surgery in the past 4 years......they tell me not related and that my treatments should have not gone past 4-6 weeks.....since they promised to pay medical I did not turn bills into insurance that first year and used out of network, so nothing paid was also a fight to get my copy of the accident form I filled out.....5 trips into the store manager Harod Hall who lied and said it was at headquarters, headquarters denied they had it, Jegg Marlowe said he did not know why I did not have it, finally upon my 6th visit he went into his office where it had always been and flung it at me angrily, this took me over a month to get.

They have low balled me on their offers which were less than medical bills for the first 6 months, let alone all the surgeries, I have gone through 2 attorneys who tried to get me to settle for half of what I was offered in mediation yesterday without any attorney.

Costco will spend thousands on attorneys to fight paying a legitimate claim, put me through a 7 hour videotaped and transcribed deposition, then 4 hour mediation yesterday and 2 years of working with the attorneys I had, and now it will probably cost them $50k for our Jury trial on October 2, 2017....... Call an ambulance if you get injured at Costco, at least you will have your paperwork needed to get future care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Funny how when I was injured I was required to go to the doctors that they wanted. I’m guessing your injury wasn’t as severe as you have claimed.

Otherwise you would have been instructed to go to their corporate sponsored doctors office for an examination. Make no mistake they have a corporate doctor for their employees and for in store injuries. If you got hit in the “stomach” as you claim then wouldn’t you have had intestinal surgeries? Stomach surgeries normally involve staples or acid reduction/ulcer repair/gastric bypass.

I’m not seeing how an injury to your intestines would effect your actual stomach. It would have been more likely that you would have injured your bladder with the blow you describe. It’s real easy to justify making them the ones ULTIMATELY responsible. Costco make lots of money and you don’t.

But if two lawyers have said take what you can get then take their advice.

Given what you have described there is no proof of wrongdoing other then your word vs theirs. Take what you can before they just say screw it and withdraw any offer.


Costco Manager ran a Flat Bed cart onto my foot and I had 2 surgeries. The first thing Costco does is delete the video footage.

Zois Johnston claims manager in the home office told me I would never prove it and that the surveillance would be deleted. He told me I wore the wrong shoes and that I wasn't shopping with a friend. Cashier Lena told the truth to the police officer and then lied in deposition. Manager, Cameron told me that Costco threatened Lena to lie.

Lena said in deposition that Costco came to her house. Lena and Molly cashiers both told me that they were having meetings to cover this up. We need to let everyone know what this company is about. Protest!

Wear shirts! Zois Johnston told me "He hates the customers".

I don't think Lena should go to jail for her lies but Costco should be accountable for their actions. Complain on every site and put the word out!!!!!


How in the world could such an accident occur at the exit in the way that you describe? Of course there is no video because an event based on your description did not happen! Sounds like you staged an "accident" but were unsuccessful in cashing in on it due to how ridiculous you made it to seem.


Oh please. You were injured to the extent that you required six surgeries but you didn't call an ambulance? You didn't submit your bills to insurance because Costco "said" they would pay them AFTER you were "well"?


Let's be real: If two attorneys think you have less of a claim than what even Costco offered, you should settle. You are not going to get anything.

I see what some of your trouble is though. You contradicted yourself in this story. You said that Costco would "reimburse" you, but then said you didn't pay anything because Costco promised to pay. "Reimburse" means pay you for what you have paid.

That's impossible if you never paid anything to start with. Anyway, take my comment for whatever you want to take it for.

Just giving my two cents based on what YOU wrote. I don't know if the alleged incident is 100% true, 0% true, or somewhere inbetween.