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When visiting the Costco store at 3836 Richmond Ave Houston, TX 77027 on Aug 2 at 3PM, my wife was picking up a DryErase Board to put into her shopping cart, when the entire box of metal framed boards fell onto her right foot causing her severe pain due to which she was unable to even stand.

Instead of coming to her help, the associates Jennifer and another were just concerned about getting the dropped boards back onto the rack.

Asked Jennifer to get some ice and help but she disappeared and was not seen till much later.

In the meantime my wife was in severe pain and being a doctor just wanted to elevate her foot to stop the blood circulation there, as also ice.

As there was no sign of Jennifer, I had to leave my wife sitting on the floor and run to get some ice.

In the meantime the Managers JP and Carlos appeared and their only real concern was to get the boards back into the rack and have us fill an incident report.

It took almost 30 minutes with my wife sitting on the ground before JP suggested to get a chair and roll her to the office, likely more to avoid other members seeing her on the floor.

He also realized that the large box of DryErase boards was a safety risk and started steps to avoid further accidents.

He assured us that all would be taken care of, but the bottom line is that we all they wanted was the incident report filled, and we had to fend for ourselves, somehow get to an emergency physician care and have my wife treated.

She is still in severe pain, can barely walk and will needs a few weeks of rehabilitation to get back to normal.

I have photographs of the incident as also the incident report.

I was told that someone would get back to us from Costco but it has been 5 days and no one has responded.

Anil Pande


Monetary Loss: $5000.

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