Tempe, Arizona
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My husband and I went to Costco to purchase a couple of truck batteries. We were discussing a clerk we had talked to in another store who was not very intelligent.

The Costco person immediately jumped into our conversation stating he was not ***. My husband and I just looked at him, not realizing at first what he was talking about. He then proceeded, very angrily, to help us look at batteries. He said the most current batteries were the ones in front.

That was a falsehood, we took a new battery from the back, which made him very angry. We confronted management, who stated they did not care, they did not need our business nor want our business and cancelled our membership.

Boo hoo, now we cannot shop their any longer.

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I really hope you are not serious with this. Because if you are Im almost certain you deserved much MUCH more then to have your membership taken away.

You are an immature, spoiled, whiny, LAZY human being.

I completely agree with the other commenter, please never ever have children. Grow up and learn to take responsibility for YOUR actions.


No you reread read my letter. We were calling him dumb because he dressed dumb.

However how was he to know we were talking about him. We could have been talking about someone else. When he told my husband he was not an ***. My husband told him he was.

He lied to us about the batteries being current. My husband put all the batteries on the floor and left them there to get the ones at the back. He acted like it was my husband\'s job to clean up the mess he made. It is not my husband\'s job it is his job.

People need to know what their job is. We leave our garbage on the table at fast food restaurants and they give us dirty looks. It is not our job to clean up our garbage, it is their job to clean up after us. The get paid to do this.

The manager whom I complained to said that we should have put the batteries back on the hook. My husband called him a lazy fat *** and he told us he was cancelling our membersip.


Are you sure you are old enough to married. An adult knows not to talk badly of someone else.

Even though you were not talking badly of him you have no class or manners. You are acting like eight year olds talking negative about a classmate. Must be your upbringing. Probably were not taught any better so I blame your parents.

Hope you decide to stay a childliss couple so that you don't teach children to be rude. Why should he care you acted like two eight year olds.

They would not cancel your business unless you were really rude. And that whole boo hoo comment makes me wonder are you really eight years old?