Toronto, Ontario

I am a Costco Member. I received a phone call from the Etobicoke Ontario Canada Costco on Queen Elizabeth Blvd location from an employee on Saturday September 10 2011 in the evening.

I was being offered a stocking job and had to show up for a 10:30 AM interview the next day (Sunday). I am a single parent of a disabled 13 boy. I made the 150 mile trip by a friend who drove me to the Costco. I was laid off over a year ago and was hoping to receive a job.

I personally have Tourettes syndrome and find it difficult in convincing employers to hire me. I met with Scott and Koln who asked if I had any Merchandising experiance or what I can bring to Costco. I said I have no experiance. I have many years working in the Grocery field.

They asked if I could identify the employee who set up the interview with both Scott and Koln and I said that the employee didn't identify himself. They both said sorry about having me come in for nothing. Koln asked about why I have been unemployed so long. I said that I have had a lot of interviews but it's not my choice that I am unemployed.

No one wants to hire me. I guess my disabilties scare off any potential employers like Costco. I frequent Costco often as I have a membership. I travelled 150 miles in hopes of employment and to give my son a better life.

I didn't think Costco would treat a customer and potential employee like this. The interview lasted about 10 minutes. I sat just outside of the Costco's front doors from 10:20 AM to just before 12:00 noon; When I was approached by a Costco employee who asked if I was alright and If I needed any assistance or medical assistance. I said no I'm sitting here awaiting my friend to pick me up.

I explained that I was called here for a job interview and I was also a Club Member. This employee rudely informed me about Costco's Anti Loitering rule. I would have to leave the property if I'm not shopping here. I did not know the area and had walked for a few miles along the roadway until my friend spotted me walking and stopped to pick me up.

I guess all the years of my patronage of Costco boils down to this. I guess if you have a disability, employment is out of the question at Costco Email

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I used to travel through Europe frequently during the late 1980's, especially in the United Kingdom. Citizens of many European countries would be turned off when I would converse with them.

Some Britons would say that they hated Americans and I would sometimes be invited outside for a fist fight.I guess they would use me to take out their frustrations of Americans. I explained that I was Born in Canada and therefore a Canadian not an American. Some in the United Kingdom started treating me as a Colonial cousin. I have read many installments by someone who signs off as TASHA.

Tasha seems to voice so much negativity towards one person or maybe many. Is Tasha the stereotypical American born citizen who cries out; Hey all of you! I'm an American. Could Tasha be the type of American that Europeans loathe.

I have many years travelling in the United States. I have more American friends than Canadian friends. I personally think quite highly of my American friends and with great respect.

I drew my American friends attention to Tasha on this website. Don't punish the child but examine the child's parental upbringing.


In a return to Tasha and Anorhi. I did not reveal to the interviewers about my personal disability nor my son's disability.

My disability is visually apparent to any one who looks at myself. I was not loitering outside of the Costco Store. I was awaiting for my friend to pick me up with their personal vehicle. Would it be fair to presume that Tasha is a adolescent.

In closing, the Costco position of a merchandiser is an American term for a stock clerk.

I have 20+ years in the grocery industry. A merchandiser or stock clerk simply puts groceries onto shelving for the convenience of the consumer purchasing the goods.