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I get a "free" membership through a family member and even earn rewards through my credit card. Reward checks I can't bring myself to use because it's never worth the descent into this yuppie hellhole of a store and the subsequent bad mood it puts me in.

Many reviewers mention customer service, but what customer service? The only time they are remotely friendly is to relentlessly hassle you into upgrading. The rest of the time you are on your own making sense of their odd, disorganized store. I often resort to the nice merchants who pay to sell there helping me, really. Anyone who can do long division, knows about expiration dates, and storage costs should realize none of their items, except some dry goods, are anything special savings wise. Are people really so confused by their weird units? And their nice dry goods are no fun to shop for because of the hyper aggressive shoppers running you down with giant carts.

The only reason people don't notice more just how substandard and rude their customer service is, is because of how insufferable their shoppers are. Beginning with the parking lot, where I have had so many near accidents because no one pays attention to where they are going. I actually had an uptight looking, older woman almost run over my fragile, elderly mother and not only not apologize but glare at her saying "oh, I didn't see you there." Another time, I politely waited for another troll to pass with these problematic carts through a tiny aisle, I had said troll yell at me "go" and huff and puff, repeatedly. Apparently manners are weakness at this nasty place.

And the samples: what is the world coming to when fights break out over disgusting samples often consisting of half a Ritz cracker and plastic tasting spray cheese? I even had one of their smug employees respond to my "thank you" by scolding me for grabbing the food too soon. This is what happens when you don't put customers first.

And unless you want to be stranded all day or night, with ofcourse no apologies, never use the pharmacy.

I have even had cashiers sarcastically mock me when asking questions politely-nice.

It all boils down to this: make a company earn your business. You subvert this when you pay for a membership.

And the receipt and bag checking: yes they have a "right." But it is also deeply insulting to the customers Costco owes its business too. And those customers have a "right" to be offended.

Ultimately my blood pressure will thank me for avoiding this ridiculous place. Good riddance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Costco Pros: Products.

Costco Cons: Loathed consistently appalling shopping customer servicd.

  • Costco Sucks
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Correct, it is my favorite, by far. Rebate over $1200 last year.


Not anonymous


I’m glad you’re still there to get jerked around. At some point you’ll wise up.


Good riddance to you. Costco is outstanding. From nothing to a multibillion company in a generation.