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Hey, I just wanted to let salmon, fish and Costco aficionados know that KETA SALMON is NOT good salmon. It is a marketing ploy to dump chum salmon on consumers.

I just bought a Costco size bag of it, not realizing what it was. The entire bag is going to my cats. It is dry, nasty, has a suspicious texture and no salmon scent. I can only assume when the shipped it to China for processing it was 'washed'.

I have used Costco for decades. I have no idea what *** in purchasing thought foisting this busy/inattentive customers was a good idea.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

  • Keta Salmon
  • Chum Salmon
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Thanks for the heads-up. However, don't malign Keta salmon because of the bad stuff you got at Costco.

Wild-caught Alaskan Keta is the least polluted of the Salmon species because it is the smallest and thus, low on the food chain. It is true that it's flavor is milder than it's larger cousins but it is especially good when marinated with a little olive oil and other favorings for a half hour before cooking.

@Banana Slug

Pinks are the smallest, and healthiest. Keta is larger than Sockeye


Chum ! Bwahahahahaha.

You brightened my day, thanks ! All I can think of is shark hunters dumping that yuck into the water ...


We too purchased a frozen bag of Keta Salmon from Costco since we love wild caught salmon. Yuck!!!

It is going back to Costco, is one of the WORST salmon we have ever eaten!

I previously purchased smoked Keta while visiting in Oregon, it was supperb. Shame on you Costco, it seems someone played a really bad trick on us.

@Susan Scott

I like the new word you invented - QUOTE : " supperb " Does that mean a superb supper ?