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Kirkland Batteries fact, eventually they ALL LEAK! AA are worse offenders.

I have been purchasing and using them since 2002. Why not use another brand? Duracells (also sold there) are more expensive and NO BETTER! All batteries constructed in China LEAK, period.

Today, it is all about making things as cheap as possible to maximize profits and more money for the CEO, then wrap it in glamorous packaging with slick marketing. We are living in a sea of *** products, and corporations are under no obligation or government control to do anything different. How long do batteries last now with LED's? Less than they did before with incandescent bulbs, because the issue isn't the wattage used anymore, it's that the batteries won't last as long as a higher quality battery made in the 1960-70-80's.

Their quality was a response by the battery industry to sell just as much - or more - volume batteries as before the LED revolution, by lowering their standards to keep you buying just as many. Do you really think they would lose millions knowing you won't be buying as many? They are made to leak after just few weeks to few months when they should last years using LED's.

There is your answer. And they don't care, and they aren't going to change because of some consumer advocate's complaint.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $13.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Me too. nice desk clock had bad battery.

Clock is shot.

Checked other batteries and found 6 out of 10 leaked. All 2017 date.


Kirkland batteries have ruined several remotes and a small voice recorder. They are the worst batteries, ever.


mine leaked too and I found happens more frequent


My Costco batteries are leaking also. Only use them in high draining equipment.

Do not use them and remote controls, clocks, or anything that slowly drains the battery.

They have destroyed many of my items. I will buy them no more.


I like how you recommend buying Duracell considering that the Kirkland batteries are made in a Duracell Factory. And the Kirkland batteries has an A+ rating on consumer reports. Looks like you just got a faulty case of batteries, but the fault is not with the brand.


Actually I do not recommend buying Duracell (if you re-read my review). In fact, I state that Duracell batteries are just as bad.

And no, the two battery brands are made by different factories. Although paint schemes are similar, that is the only similarity. An A+ rating from Consumer Reports means nothing. A study is only as good as it's subjectivity.

And Consumer Reports has been cited in the past by many private as well as public entities as being highly subjective, if not opinionated. The acid test of anything is the test of time.

And these obviously fail that, according to the wealth of online users which would agree with my experience, as well. For more information, also visit:


Having the same problem now. this year alone we have bought 6 packs of kirkland brand batteries.

all leaking... Will buy no more .

ruined several electronic devices. They should recall these batteries.