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I have four older ex-shelter dogs (11yr+) who are my life. I try to give them the very best of everything. I used to buy canned Merrick Dog Food, but for various reasons, I decided to look for a replacement. I tried the Kirkland canned dog food believing the Costco reputation for quality. I have used it for many months, not really sure how many, but yesterday (Dec 17, 2011) I tried to buy more only to find out that the food had been dropped with no warning. With other name brands, I could have gone elsewhere but obviously not so with Kirkland. Changing the diet of any dog, least of all older dogs, is not something to be done suddenly. Instead a gradual change is needed.

Needless to say, I am beyond "pissed". The store management tried to explain the Costco way is to try to provide good quality at a good price. As a result contracts and suppliers change. As an historically loyal customer, I found this to be true. I have to admit, this dog food issue may be a unique case because of the dog diets. For anything else I could have good elsewhere I bought an equal or substitute.

I went back to researching canned dog foods in my quest to provide the best for my dogs, only to learn two things. First the Merrick is still one of the best and I am going back to it. Second, and most upsetting, my blind trust in Costco for quality, a trust that may have been misguided. Others report the ingredients are only mid-grade, not high quality which I assumed based on their use of premium. (I am highly educated business person but I am as mad at myself as I am with Costco.)

Bottom line, Costco is still a business whose main responsibility is the bottom line and its ROI. As the saying goes, "buyer beware". "If its too good to be true, it is probably not". Although I have to admit the value for the canned dog food is quite good, I feel mislead by their use of "premium" and my misguided faith in the Costco brand. I tried to be factual and fair. You judge!

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Broken heart it turned out that an employee of Costco poisoned the dog food to make it look like there was a problem with the Kirkland dog food.


be thankful you did not get more canned food. My two rescue dogs ate the Kirkland lamb and rice and died within a week of each other.


Wait, what? What's the problem here?

You're mad because Costco...stopped carrying something?

What about the food itself? Your review confuses me.


Really? You're angry at CostCo for not giving you a heads up on a product stoppage?'s business...