Recently we notice that the Kirkland Pacific bold k-cup pods were not sealed properly, causing the ground coffee to leak out. Need better quality control to see that the pods are sealed correctly.

This also causes the coffee to lose fresh aroma. this also causes some of the coffee grounds to enter your coffee cup. Our recent box of 120 k-cup pods had at least 20 pods that had lost their air tight seal!!!! Why do I have to type 100 words when I said all that needed to be said!!!

Now I am adding words just to make it to 100 words. Made it!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kirkland Signature Pacific Bold Coffee Pods.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

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Same issue, 2 different boxes now. Not every single one leaks , however about 3 out of every 4 the top seal comes apart from the plastic cup.


Agree! The last box I bought has many pods that have lost their vacuum seal. I try to drink it, but it tastes bad, so I’m wasting a good portion of my purchase.


I have purchased Kirkland Pacific Bold k-cups for several years now without any significant problems. The last box I purchased have the Kirkland Pacific Bold k-cups leaking grounds explosively.

I have tried 12 cups and all 12 have blown out. Sometimes the top seal breaks open and blows grounds out the side of the cup and other times the inner filter tears and the grounds leak out the bottom hole of the cup. Always the plastic of the k-cup has ballooned out, rounding the bottom of the k-cup. Always, the top and bottom piercing needles are clear.

The brew cycle always starts out good and the problem most often happens at the end of the brew cycle as the last of the water boils. If I use older k-cups this does not happen.


I personally think it is a problem with the coffee grounds themselves, not the actual construction of the K-cup. Before pods, I used to brew with the standard "drip" style coffee maker (Mr Coffee coffee maker).

You would insert the filter into the filter holder and the hot water would drip through the coffee grounds. There was a special grind of coffee beans for drip coffee makers. If you used grounds that were ground too finely they would clog the filter and the water in the cup that holds the filter would back up because it did not allow the water to pass through quickly enough.

I think that is the problem with the Kirkland K cups. The coffee grounds are too fine and not allowing the water to pass through them and the internal filter in the K-cup quickly enough, even under the pressure of the Keurig coffee maker.


I am having the same problem with the 120 box of the Kirkland Breakfast Blend and have had to waste over 1/2 the box. Grounds leak out into the coffee, and a lot of grounds.

@Bruce Mann

The last box of Kirkland coffee pods are not brewing coffee properly. The explode and grinds everywhere and mess up my kitchen counter and my coffee machine. I am returning mine and hope they understand that I won't be buying this stuff anymore.