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My 81 year old mother has been a loyal Costco customer for many years. She bragged about the superior service at the Henderson -Marks (las vegas)Nevada location. She had not been there in almost a year and wanted to take me there. Several days ago I agreed to accompany her.

We completed our shopping and waited for the clerk to ring up our items. I didn't notice the majority of the staff was almost entirely Latino until later. The clerk told my mother she was moving too slow to pay her. She stated other people were waiting. I was very offended since my mother was trying to move as fast as she could and started trembling. The clerk next to her said " know how they are". (we are African-American) I wanted to make a nasty retort but reframed out of respect to my mother.

We were followed to the Exit door by a scowling female. At the exit door the clerk look at the scowling female and back at us. She became very aggressive and agitated. " Where is your receipt!!!" You can't leave the store without your receipt!!! The other customers began to stare at us. I said "my mother is trying to give it to you but now I want to see a manager!!!"

The manager came and we stated what occured.My mother told him she had never been treated so badly at a Costco store. The manager who was also Latino was patronizing and treated us like we were the instigators. My mother was very upset and shaken by the entire incident and had to take additional insulin to bring her system back to normal. Shame on the COSTCO Marks location in Henderson Nevada. La Raza is alive and well at Costco!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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all the people working for Costco needs to get out of this site. we want to know what happened to the real people in real life and you need to get your aXX out of here.


I don't work at Costco either. I am, however, a bi-racial man from a Portuguese father and Anglo mother. I am a little sensitive about the anti-Latino hysteria sweeping our country because in the late 19th century, lots of Portuguese came here, particularly from the Azores (where my family is from) to make a better life for themselves.

We are all citizens now for several generations. However, we could just as easily have been in the place that Latinos from South America are today. I hope you don't imagine that there's some kind of generalized hatred of black people in the Latino culture -- I know that's not true. What worries me is that your tone suggests that there has been some kind of "invasion" by the "wrong" sort of folks, and they've ruined your Costco.

Listen, jerks come in every color. A *** is a ***. Leave the racial part out of it and you'll get a lot more sympathy for a complaint about customer service. Sounds like there was a racist clerk -- what an *#&*. Fair enough. If others are willing to side with her solely based on her race, they're *&*#s too. Fair enough. But I happen to know plenty of Latino people (Iberian and South American) who don't think that way at all, and would have been complaining right along with you.


Your mother should have called her a racist name back. The cashier and greeter will one day be 81 years old, I would like to see how fast they move at that age.


Wow what a horrible experience you had. I'm sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience as that. Because of this experience I will look into submitting feedback on your behalf so this doesn't happen to another customer again. I just starting working for Costco in the last few weeks and I want you to know this isn't indicative of the level of service we provide at Costco. We have a feedback process and I'll be sure to utilize it for you since you didn't receive the proper response the first time. I know this doesn't take away the bad experience you had but hopefully it will help you to know there are some employees out there who care about our customers and your opinion matters. The proper people will receive this feedback. Thanks for sharing and giving us the opportunity to correct the situation. My sincerest apologies. I hope this makes you feel a little better about the situation although I can understand if it doesn't after what you've gone through. I hope if you give us a second chance that your next experience is far better than this one. Have a great day.

BTW this is on my own time, Costco isn't paying me to do this.

Ed H