Bainbridge Island, Washington
Not resolved

3 young men- 21,22,23...drank from a gallon of this juice over a period of 3-4 days. The first got serious diarrhea and stomach cramps after drinking about 20-30 ounces...thinking this was a virus...

not an issue...the next day another one had the same symptoms after drinking 2 glasses of nectar.

The third one drank some of the juice after a few days and within a few hours had the same symptoms......the juice was refrigerated.....during this time. Two other adults live in this house, and had no symptoms,....having experienced the stomach virus many times, I know how quickly it affects any one in the home.....makes me believe this juice is tainted.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: recall.

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I have been purchasing Langer’s Mango Nectar at Costco for more than 5 years. I have NEVER had any problems.

I will say that it is always store in the refrigerator before and after it is opened. I was very disappointed when I shopped at Costco on Monday and it was not available. I now understand the reason and am very hopeful that this issue will be resolved quickly since I can’t find the Langer’s Mango Nectar anywhere else.

I’ve tried other mango drinks but have been very disappointed. They are not nearly as good as the Langer’s.


If your diet is predominantly meat, dairy, potatos, sugar, sodas, etc then fruit juices will generally have a diuretic effect similar prune juice. Mango in particular can do that. Its a purging process that goes away after repeated use and the stomach becomes accustomed.


Been drinking the stuff for a year (only 6 oz at breakfast time) and never had a problem.


Were these young men medically diagnosed? If not you can't say the juice was tainted.