El Centro, California

The store in El Centro California opened 12 minutes late. Left customers in hot sun. Staff showed very little concern. Is this acceptable behavior? This is too simple to make into 100 words.

Is the 100 word minimum used to discourage complete complaints? Would be a good way to keep the number of complaints down.

At 55 words and my simple statement is starting to get lost in all the verbage.

Lets restate the point one more time. The store opened late, nobody was concerned. Is this a new company procedure? So far this is the first Costo that has had a problem performing a simple business practice. Thank You

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Sounds to me like he Was left out in the hot sun too long.


Costco's night crew has to be clear before they can open the doors. And since they open at 8-9 (depending on the day), I severely doubt that you were left baking in the hot, hot sun (they also have an atrium and shaded areas).

If the night crew has not yet cleared the floor, members cannot be let in (you really want to dodge twenty fork lifts and 20 pallet jacks, or risk being crushed by a falling one ton pallet?).

You are a needy *** who has no sense of reason.


Another customer demanding things, did it occur to you they were probably picking empty boards up with a fork lift? Hot sun??

a little exaggeration, considering the store opens at 10 am. It's people like you that are ruining society.


This website isn't owned by Costco so there is no reason the owners would want to keep the complaints down. I think the reason they want 100 characters in to insure that this site is filled with something other then hundreds of one line complaints saying "This store sucks."


Well if the person has less than 100 words they usually either copy and paste what they said, or post random *** like d sdgf adsadsn adsfkjads dafs a dfs to get the 100 words.


Maybe the time in the store was different than the time that the waiting customers had. That being said, 12 minutes late wasn't bad.

Let's face it the sun couldn't have been that hot, that early in the morning. If the few minutes waiting was that hard on you, you could have left.

First Born Triplet

You have never been to California have you?

@First Born Triplet

70 degrees at 9 am is not the hot, hot sun.

Sitting in nice weather like that beats getting run over by a rushing night crew.