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The quick but not so quick rundown is I have a Lenovo y700 with Liteon SSD and AMD GPU. Out of no where laptop boots to blue screen.

We back up file,reset..... Blah blah blah. Nothing works. So I wipe it start over figure drivers are bad with a update.

Nothing.... Powers on boots Windows. Runs fine then I see gpu isn't showing up in device manager. Reinstall drivers.

Nothing. It crashes a couple of time keyboard stops working touchpad stops working display goes black.....Etc etc etc. I cal Costco concierge. The guy is horrible.

It's like his so mad he can't even listen or help. I hang up. Call back. Get a lady with a accent so strong it's hard to understand but she's willing to help and pleasant.

We go over everything and it's apparent she know very little about computers and is only reading a script. We go to do "another" reset and they can't even do that with you speaking to a manager and no manager on duty. Hhaha. Funny right.

Its just a couple of buttons. So I wasted over a hour for nothing. I do another full wipe reinstall drivers works fine for a few hours and BUZZZZ out of the speakers. Im feed up, take to my local computer shops they run all the regular checks, figure it's the drivers for the AMD GPU.

They can't get them to install every time they try....Crash. Try another.....Crash. So its some hardware failure. Call Costco 3rd time get some girl that knows even less than the other lady.

Every time I ask a question I get put on hold only to get nothing answered. She says I should call Costco membership services. Hahahaha. It loops me right back to concierge services.

So this time the guy is so worked up he can't even think staight. He starts ranting about his computer screaming "what's going on". The whole time I'm laughing I ask if he needs to call the Concierge Service. We both laugh and im put on whole.

Off hold back on hold off hold on off on off.. they want to do another reboot. I finally get to explain that the computer is still at the shop. I just needed to know how to go about returning because a reboot isn't going to magical fix it.

On hold off on off.............. He say he can't help me without me having the computer. I respond with. I don't need your help fixing it I need your help with putting me in touch with some who can because.............

You get the point. Finally I speak to a manager. Nice guy I explain I've already rebooted twice did a reinstall etc. It's at the shop and theyre going to disable the gpu so I can atleast run the computer just using the CPU.

So he gets the ball rolling. All he needs is the install date from command prompt. Says he'll call back tomorrow at 2. 2, 3, 4, 5 nothing.

Call back again. Get a very pleasant guy that knows a little bit about computers. Says they gave to have it documented we rebooted. Ok fine let's reboot but guess what.

I have to speak to a manager and none are available and I have to pick up my son. So he says he'll call back at 8 and have a manager ready. I feel finally maybe this guy is the real deal. HA!!!!!

8,9,10. Im going to bed!!!! So here I'm 3 days on the phone.

Multiple reboots, drivers deleted reinstalled. Etc and it still crashes and no closer to getting it sent in for warranty.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Complete sentences please.

This complaint is too long to read.

I cannot understand what you are complaining about given the fact that you use words that do not make any sense in addition to incomplete sentences.

Do you really expect Costco to address your complaint considering it is too long?

Do you really expect Costco to address your complaint considering the way it is written, which is difficult to read since you do not use compete sentences?


I've spoke with Costco on the PHONE more than 10 times. So, I don't really expect Costco to address anything from here.

This is a vent at Costco, the Concierge service, the extra warranty and the Lenovo Y700. I had no idea Costco would grade my rant then decide to address it or not based on my writing skills. I wrote that rant late at night, after hours on the phone with Costco, so yeah, it's rough. I'm not sure what words you don't understand??

GPU, AMD, CPU?? I don't understand James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake, so...shrug....OK.

The UPDATE!! The real reason I'm here.....

The computer has finally been sent in for "repairs" after 3-4 more calls. Sending it back was easy once we got to that part.

They shipped us a box, packing, and labels. All I had to do was tape it up, slap on the label and drop it off at UPS. I was told I would receive updates on the process. That was roughly 14 days ago and I've heard nothing.

I do know that they've received it because I was notified by UPS but no updates from Costco Tech Services as promised. I'll update later as things progress...............if they progress