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Costos really wreck my nerves when it comes to them telling me which line to go. OK, I'm not remedial. I don't need your help. In fact honestly, yo are annoying. I'm sorry, but it's the truth.

I can't send my 14 year old mature girls to the store? hello. I'm not feeling well. Lost my car. Hate to walk there sometimes. I'm really pooped. I can't understand it. If someone like me have decent, respectable children picking up a few things without drawing attention through their bad behavior, why bother the mature ones? Let them get what they need to so we can eat. Do they have kiddie card?



Your annoying employees treat me like I'm elementary school, or on a field trip clueless as to the real world.

I hate it when they tell what line to go to. Seriously? They need to hire employees to do something else productive.

I ind my way through store pretty well on my own without annoying people in my face.

Leave my stuff alone

I hate it when they put my things in the cart. Leave them alone. I tell them that sometimes too. "I have it thank you"

It so annoying for them to put my things in the cart. They drop some things so hard and even mix up wet with dry.

I would say something else, but I'm not into name calling. I'm leaving that alone.

I called them today because of the issue with them not allowing my daughters to purchase the things for our family. I'm not feeling to good.

I took my little ones to a party yesterday, I feel like I was smashed over the head with a racket ball, so I sent my troopers on a mission they couldn't complete.

The in-compassionate employee and supervisor, and manager let the phone ring or more than 15 times. Answered the phone, told me to hold on, I did that for about 10mins. no show Costos. I didn't get to speak to you again. POOR service. If I had an alternative, I will not be your customer. You services stinks.

You broke the camel's back today.

Not to mention your food gallery of rude employees who tells me that i they burn my pizza because I requested it to be crispy, I will have to pay for it?


No chips on my shoulders though. I don't hold grudges.

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You have to be present. Your children have to be 18 to be a member and they cannot shop under your name.

Read the policy you signed. It states that pretty clearly.

So Costco is too helpful?

That's cute.

Also, when it comes to food court, they don't make individual slices. They cook a whole pizza.

They are not going to ruin an entire pizza for you. They don't have to and they shouldn't.

It is not a five star restaurant.

You don't get to say how well done you want to have your pizza done. They cook it to temp (160).


Maybe you should read the membership agreement's when you join, and on the front of the card it says NON TRANSFERRABLE. Also, you should go back to elementary school to learn how to spell.


Hahahaha....thanks for the laugh!


I know this will come as a shock to you, but Costco and Sam's are both primarily aimed at businesses, not families, and especially not children. They even charge you differently than they do business members.

And it sounds like you are the reason why.

Were you drunk or stoned when you wrote this? It certainly sounds that way.


Wow, the OP needs some sort of "help" to make it thru the day, it seems. Unbelievable anger and no ability to ration. What a nightmare!


Perhaps your mature girls can find your lost car so you can go back to school and complete the sixth grade.


Wow. You say you are not "remedial" and then write this meandering, childish post.

It's not helping your case. And no, you can't send your UNDERAGE children to use your Costco card.

This should fall under the category of common sense to most people. :roll :roll