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At the Kirkland Warehouse a young boy named Max was trying to push some executive membership or whatever. It is rude to be trying to bother customers at the cash register while the customer is paying attention to the cashier and the transaction.

He was reading some info off of a small slip of paper and called me by name. Then he wanted to sell some thing or some idea. I have no desire or need for any additional services, coupons, rebates, etc (nothing) and I politely and softly told him I didn't need anything. He asked me if I knew what the executive thing is.

I told him again that I wasn't interested. He then started harping on it in an argumentative way and demanding that I answer his question. I firmly told him that I'm not answering his question and he snarled, "Way to be nice about it!" and walked off. Of course throughout the encounter, I was nice about it by softly telling him I wasn't interested.

He somehow thought customers have to answer his questions and that he has a right or a COSTCO job to be persistent. His lack of acceptance of my initial declining of his sales pitch seemed to be too personal to him. Please train Max or move him to a different position away from members. Again, the Kirkland Warehouse should be represented as the model store of good customer respect.

When Max has been talked with by your mgmt, please let me know and I'll bump up the rating. Thanks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Retrain or find a non-customer service job for him. .

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well if he asked you, you actually should join it. they only ask people who would benefit from the program.

when i worked at costco i had to deal with so many people like yourself. You don't realize we have a quota to make and we get write ups for not meeting them.

also if you upgrade you cant lose money even if you get a check for less than what you paid to upgrade they refund the difference to you. You are over paying for your membership but i guess it is ok because you would rather pay for a membership then get a free one


Dear "Anonymous",

You will encounter (or not since you no longer work there) many, many members who are very happy without the executive membership. Why can't Costco just accept that without forcing their employees to meet a quota? Aren't you glad you now work somewhere else?

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