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Dear BBB,

Today (4/5/2014) I visited one of your Costco warehouse stores (1320 S. Route 59, Naperville, IL 60564-5944) in the morning around 10am. My primary purpose was to get my flat car tire repaired and to also to pick my son’s birthday cake as today was his birthday.

I spoke to the tire center associate and he told me that since I did not buy the tires from Costco, these cannot be repaired by Costco. How dumb is that? I can understand that Costco does not want to fix my tires for “free” but they can charge me money to fix the tire right? No. They would not fix the tire with or without money. Here I have a 100 dollar per year membership and I have already spent almost 1500 dollars since I joined in Jan 2014 and Costco tells me that they cannot fix the tire.

So I went on to complain to the membership manager at that time. His name is Johnny. He continued to explain that Costco will not do anything. I got a little angry with him and told him that Costco used to do this in the past so not sure why they are not doing it. He (Johnny) also got angry with me and started to shout at me in front of all the customers there. He got really upset with me and I never have experienced anyone like that in the past 10 years. He shouted extremely load at me and threatened to call the police If I did not leave the store (I am sure all the customers around the membership area heard his load voice). So basically he ashamed and humiliated me in front all the customers and shouted at me to leave the store. I am not sure what is Costco’s policy in regards to treating its customers with respect and dignity but I am sure Mr. Johnny was out of line with any and all policies that might exist for any major store like (supposedly Costco), Sam’s Club, Macy, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot etc. I think Costco gives too much of free hand to its employees and does not enforce its employees to treat Costco customers in a fair way. I am surprised to see how a Costco’s store manager could behaved. Does he behave the same way with other customers? Is Costco ok if he continues to behave in such a way? Please let me know what Costco is going to do to correct this situation. Will that manager (Johnny) apologize for his actions? How will Costco monitor this situation? I will make sure to tell my friends and acquaintances to be watch full of Costco employees at this location. I think Costco should put in some rules/policies to have their employees in check.

Please call me and explain to me what the solution to this problem is? Should I cancel my membership now? I am very unhappy with Costco’s customer service and seriously thinking of going back to Sam’s Club.

I have also included the picture of the person (Johnny). Please be aware of him as he is extremely rude and impolite.

Asim Ahmed

Cell: 630-338-7870

Membership Number: 111831135133


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Fixing a tire that is not bought from Costco is liability. Plain and simple. Also learn to focus your camera before you snap a picture


I know your a liar.Your just a sore looser Indian dirt bag.

I cannot stand Indian people they are such sore little cry babies so path etic and worth less.

I bet the real story is your cheap useless self wanted it done for free because your precious money went into their pockets for a membership and you expect godly service when they and the manager denied you got mad But smiled in their face.Typical Indian tra sh


You complain to this board, you look like a fool, everyone tells you you look like a fool, I laugh.Thanks for that!

Also?You probably shouldn't put your phone number on the internet like that.


They do not work on anything they did not sell you.

Get over yourself.

Pueblo, Colorado, United States #962707


to Anonymous #1049943

LOL, thank you that was bugging me too


If Costco has a policy not to fix tires they didn't sell don't expect them to change just for you.The policy is there for a reason, like it or not.

You were told what the policy was but decided to act like you were someone special and expected them to bend over backwards for you. You obviously didn't like what you heard and began to act like a horses back end. The manager had every right to tell you he would call the police and have you butt hauled out of the store. He may have had to say it loudly to get across to you that he wasn't talking any more of your B.S.

You deserved to be shamed and humiliated for your actions. One of my best experiences as a retail manager was a discussion with a customer at the returns counter who thought I should change our policy to suit him and he got quite loud and used a fair amount of foul language. The customer behind him just happened to be an off duty police officer who asked if he could have a few words with this guy. Of course I let him.

He told the guy he had to stop talking like that. The customer got loud and said he could talk anyway he wanted. At that point the officer pulled out his badge and handcuffs and just as loudly explained if he wanted to keep it up he would be handcuffed and taken to jail for creating a public nuisance.

Just goes to show you that you can't strut into a store and start demanding they do everything you want.Even a good customer has to abide by the policies of the store.

Tacoma, Washington, United States #932472

I can't believe it - doesn't Costco know that if they just fixed your tire that you didn't buy there, all of that stuff with them telling you NO could've been avoided??I had the same thing happened to me at Nordstrom did you know they won't fix tires either??

I can't even believe it.

Now I need some maintenance done on my car; a friend told me about a mechanic but they are like 5 miles away and Cosco is only 3 miles.I think I'll go there today and see if the fix my car.

to ThatDarnCostco #955695

That's great considering Costco is not a garage it only does tires :)

Seoul, Seoul, Republic Of Korea #932058

No offence, but I think you were the first one who crossed the line.Uhm, It's not that I'm saying he's action was right though(he should've been nicer to you), but what you did at the tire center at Costco was quite inappropriate because, I think, you were thinking like and acting like,,, you were a sort of "Owner" cuz you had spent lots of money, and he was a slave.

As matter of fact, I'm working for a Costco in Seoul, and I do see a lot of local members who ignore our policy; ask, sometimes, for something unreasonable, or yell easily anywhere in the store if they think themselves not satisfied with our service. But if you're really a loyal member, haven't you ever been wondering what differances we, Costco, make from other competitors? I don't expect you to fully understand our policy, but at least you could think about why we don't accept some customers' demand. I'm not trying to make an excuse, and also I don't want to look I'm judging you.

We do have our own policy including our efficient and systematic procedure of dealing with customers in order to keep the prices lowest compared to any other stores.I know, as for the way we, Costco workers, treat our members, it may be cosidered poorer than other competitors, but our top priority goal is to keep prices as lower as possible for our members, so I suggest you understand more about why the they cannot sometimes accept some demands against our policy as well as procedures.

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