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Do you ever wonder why people need a membership card at Costcos anyway? They profit on sales of goods, why limit who can shop there. And why pay people to stand there and look at your receipt when you's just a gimmick to make you think you're at someplace "special".

But what really irritates me is when they switched to credit card membership cards. You get your statement and the dues is due in like 10 days. I was one day late and they slapped a $27.00 late fee on top of the $50.00 membership fee.

What a ripoff. Who needs Costco anyway!

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Credit Card.

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i agree with jacque abd i do know for a fact that the main profit for costco is the membership cards and that sam's is just a cheap version of costco with *** in bulk no wonder they hace close alot of their store's


Jacque if Amex is the only company not to charge stores a fee just who do you think they extract their profits from? Hmmmm?

The cardholders perhaps?

Remember Amex is the predatory company that had the audacity to send this little heart warming message to card holders about a year ago. "Do to difficult economic times we will be increasing your fees." I recommend you send a monthly contribution to the Amex CEO to help him through this difficult time!


For the small business? Don't you mean against?


Hey if you don't like having a membership card---quit. Your membership covers operating cost so that Costco can keep the prices of merchandise down as low as possible.

If your sour cream tub is to big----Don't buy it-----Duh. I think you all have forgot that Costco was base on and for the small business owner.

Quit your whinning, if you don't like it, don't shop there. They are not making you.


"Costco said net income rose to $262 million, or 59 cents per share, for its fiscal first quarter ended November 25, from $237 million or 51 cents per share a year earlier."

What are you talking about Jacque? Costco makes a profit.

The only reason that they charge you a membership fee is to make you feel like you are getting a good deal. Bring a calculator along next time, or better yet, realize that the gallon of sour cream you are buying is going to expire way before you can finish it.


Maybe if you knew anything about costco at all you would know they make very little profit of their products the real profits are made in membership sales as for the credit card membership card you don't have to have it just the regular membership card although you will then have to pay with a check or use the debit card option on your check card do to the fact that all credit card companies except AMEX charge the store you shopped at a fee. as for checking the receipt it's a part of their loss prevention IE theft which also increase's costs and if you dislike them so much try the club stores I happen to know costco pays their works way better then sam's and the quality is higher at costco as well Sam's is just cheap walmart *** in bulk. I for one understand how they work and love what I get for what I pay.

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