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While leaving Costco we were approached by one of your internal marketer's; he explained the benefits of having a Gold card and that regardless of the amount we spend in a year, our membership fee would be returned. We actually did this last year and our membership fee was not covered. He told us we were entitled but had to write a request at the exit of the store. We did renew our card last year but downgraded to the standard white card.

I asked the internal marketing representative if he would take my email and follow up on the information he had just provided. He said he was too busy and wouldn't remember anyway.

My complaint is that we were approached on our way out of the store and after spending several minutes with us he basically told us he was too bust to help. The gentleman in question also told me that the Gloucester Ontarion Canada store that we were shopping in was better than the other local stores and the prievios problems we had would not happen at this store.

Today's date: Saturday October 20, 2012 Card# 111799583079

( I had actually applied for an internal marketing position at said Costco last year for a part time position over the Christmas holidays. I am a College Marketing teacher and have a problem understanding how your internal marketing promotes customer service. I shop at Costco because of the low prices and quality of your merchandise.)

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I got a letter from your Marketing department giving $ 25.00 to use on Google Express that expire on 6/1/16. The letter was dated May 2, 2016.

When I got the letter the coupon have expired. Is there any way you can send to your customers that pay a very expensive membership this coupon again with a better or longer expiration date. We live in a very busy world and mail is not always on time.

Thank you.


Don't understand why Costco charges people to shop there. They are closed on holidays such as Labor Day, when allot of other stores are open, they don't give shoppers bags, and they make you buy in bulk.

Even if it weren't for this, why should someone have to pay to shop and patronize your stores ? Wouldn't you get better business if you didn't charge such a fee, or at least a smaller fee if you need to charge at all ? There have been times I've stopped off in Costco because it's near home, and noticed a nice blanket, or sweater I could have bought, but no card, bummer. Wouldn't you like it if people bought an item or two randomly , then you would make more sales.

It's a silly sort of thing, kind of like charging someone to work for you. :roll


First off- you both are using incorrect terminology. The basic membership is $55.

.that is the white card, the GOLDstar membership.

The black.card is the executive membership which is $110 and you earn 2% cash back. If you don't earn back at least $55 dollars (the additional cost of the membership), you bring in your rebate check to the membership counter and tell them you want the difference and they look it all up and give you the difference. No money lost.

If you were confused or didn't understand why you lost money why wouldn't you seek out more information? It never hurts to ask.


We also thought the extra membership fee for the gold card would be covered. After losing money on our Costco membership last year, we were told this guaranteed coverage was only for the first year.

Read the fine print....don't take their word. Even when you lose money, they still push for you to keep paying for the gold card when clearly it's not in your best interest.


All you have to do is take them the rebate check and they give you any money that you didn't get back, up to the cost of membership.

It's not in fine print. It's pretty clear.

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