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I tried to purchase merchanidse in store at Baxter, MN. with my wife's card.

I was not allowed to complete the transaction, even though payment is with the credit card we co-own. I was sent to the service desk to get my own membership card to complete the purchase this morning. The service desk said they could not do this. I left without merchandise but AFTER having swiped our credit card.

I have emailed Costco requesting that no charge go through on that card. And I will urge my wife to discontinue membership/cash out or whatever it is you do to sever the relationship.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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You are a tool. Had Costco let you use someone else's credit card, that member could come back to them and say it was stolen.

Their agreement with American Express is ONLY the member can use the credit card. That cashier did their job checkin the credit card name with the membership name.


Uhhh, you can add yourself to your wifes.

No extra charge.

They just give you your own card.


I dislike this company for many reasons. I a friend of mine has a membership and going there with him keeps me from getting one!!

I am however a member of a wonderful company that offers 100% chemical free products, and they last five times longer than the leading brands. My favorite part about this company is that I get to shop online! I can escape the long lines, not have anyone checking my personal bags, all while in the comfort of my own home!

If this sounds like something that interests you contact me and I will blow your mind.


Bad policy all the same. Souse should be able to use other spouse's card, as long as we're married and share the paying bank account.


And just how do u suppose the cashier will know that you and the spouse are still married and loving each other willing to share your credit card bills?????


Maybe you should read and understand the rules for any club or membership for which you sign up. This is clearly your own fault.

I have been a Costco member for over 10 years and what you experienced is not a surprise since I know the rules.


I should have been able to obtain a membership card of my own at the service center while in the store, don't you agree?


Why did they refuse? Cuz maybe u didn't want to pay for your own membership? Ur spouse has to be there to add u on to her/his membership??

Again how is this member service clerk to know your private matters?

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