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My wife wanted an inexpensive massage table. She found one on the Costco website for $148.99.

The website said shipping included. So we ordered th table. Our visa was charged $167.00 because of PST/GST tax. The same day my wife decided that a diifferent table would be better and phoned UPS to cancel.

UPS said to phone Costco. So we phoned Costco and they said just say you don't want the table if it is delivered. UPS sent an email saying the same thing. So when the table came a week later it was sent back.

Then we got a bill from UPS saying that we had to pay $211. So a table which we thought was a pretty good deal now would cost $360. We could have goten a very high end table for that in any local store. But we thought we were getting a good deal with the $148 table.

It didn't mention anywhere on the Costco website that we would be charged outrageous shipping charges. It sai shipping was included, FREE. Then I went to the local Costco store to complain. Customer service said that Costco online has nothing to do with the Costco store.

Furthermore they said that what UPS does and charges has nothing to do with Costco. THey said UPS can do and charge what they like because they are a different company. They told me that it was my choice to use UPS. I said no it wasn't, it was Costco who mandated the use of UPS.

I wanted to order a table for $148 with shipping included like the web adve3rtisement said but instead am being charged $360!!! What a scam. It seems both companies are in on this scam. If the truth was advertised then nobody would order products from Costco online.

It is very deceptive to advertise something and then charge the customer more than double the value of the product. This should be against the law. After doing some research I found that there are many many complaint about UPS doing this kind of thing.

I think businesses using UPS should warn their customers of these outrageous charges. I learned never to order anything from any company that uses UPS.

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It would have been easier to just accept the table and return it at ur local costco rather than going there to complain about it. I think u have been wronged .

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