Stockton, California
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I buy a great deal of wine from Costco, overall very happy. Today the description of a Pinot Noir lead me to buy it and for $17.99 I expected it to be close the description, it was not even close.

I called to find out if I could return it or exchange it and was told NO, there are no returns. I explained why I bought it and that the description was very misleading... and the wine for the price was pretty bad. I was told again no returns.

The person on the phone didn't care he just repeated no returns. I said so I'm just stuck with it he said sorry no returns.

I told him someone should look into the description and was disconnected.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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It is illegal for stores to do returns on open tobacco products and alcoholic beverages. It is not the clerk's fault at all.

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