Austin, Texas
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We needed internet service in Europe. Went to Costco's kiosk who said that theirs would work but would have to be activated at a Verizon store.

We went to the Verizon store who that what we bought would never work in Europe. Went to Costco, told Costco return and the Kiosk what happened without the hot spot device. The people at the kiosk said no problem when asked about the 14 return period and that we didnt have time to return the item before we left on the trip. The people at Costco returns verified that since it didnt do what they said it would do at the kiosk, it would be no problem to return.

When we got back, the kiosk attendent tried to charge a $250 cancellation fee since it was after 14 days. He said that Verizon customer service could waive the cancellation fee. Verizon Customer Service said Costco could wave the cancellation fee and Costco Customer Service said it was up to the Kiosk people. The Costco manager who was going to contact me that afternoon has not called in a week.

Nothing has changed in 20 years of cell phone service. The providers usually cant last the length of their contract. We've spent about $250 per month with Verizon for almost 4 years and they don't care.

The $250 cancellation fee is more important to them. Its time for another service provider.

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