Schaumburg, Illinois
Not resolved

We have had moths in our pantry spreading into our house coming from

Goods purchased at Costco ( probably the almonds)

After numerous unkept promises by Costco (Schaumburg) manager Charles

Someone named Brian from Seattle called and said we couldn't prove anything.

Nothing has or will be done by Costco inspite of the fact that I told him that a moth flew out of a can of Costco almonds and everything in are pantry was purchased at


Since the Internet advised throwing everything out to try to get rid of the moths and there eggs we have done that twice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Costco Cons: Horrible customer service.

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We have hD the same issue with their bird sunflower seed. I know it’s the Costco brand as we haven’t had their seed at our cottage for years.

Got some this week and we are infiltrated. I want refund and compensation!


Similar experience at Costco except we found a dead moth

UNDERNEATH the covering of paper towels purchased at



I had a moth plague too, and I cleaned all the pantry, and discard a lot of packages that I also brought in Costco: Cereal bars -Kashi, almonds, cookies, cereal, etc. For a couple of weeks I did not found anything, after clean the pantry with chemicals, vinegar.

Two weekends ago, I made my usual purchase on Costco, and this week I found moths again, and moth' larvaes...

I cleaned everything again, and discard again the food that I purchased on Costco.

I live in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

This seams to be a national plague.


I had a moth fly out of a sweetner box. Why don't they use harmless boric acid power. Look up on internet or you tube.


He has a point you cannot prove that the moths came from Costco. You do not even know for sure that the moths came from the almonds, you are just ASSuming and guessing. The fact that a moth flew out of the can of almonds does not mean that is where the problem started.

@Quanasia we are 5 years later. Twice I’ve purchased almonds from Costco and twice they became infested with Indian Meal Moths.

The first round of emptying my pantry and throwing away all the food, I suspected it might’ve been the almonds from Costco but I wasn’t sure as they were bag almonds and I couldn’t confirm the infestation started in the bag or just ended up in the bag. Although, the heaviest of the infestation was in the bag.

The second time around was a container of almonds with a screw on lid and the infestation was contained to that container. Thinking Costco might want to look into their almond supplier.

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