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On May 30, 2017, my old washing machine broke down. I purchased an LG Combo 2.3CuFt Washer and Dryer All-in-One and waited four weeks for its arrival and installation.

When it finally arrived June 10th, the installers were not able to turn it on. Therefore they took it back. Believing that there was something wrong with this model, I requested a return to purchasing a different machine. Then I spent $3,206.24 for an LG SIGNATURE All-in-One 2.8CuFt Twin Wash Washer and Dryer with 1.0CuFt SideKick WIFI Pedestal Washer.

The delivery and installation for such were scheduled for July 8th, after bringing it to the second floor, the installers were struggling with how to open the door to get to the manual. One of the guys discovered that he must push the door to be able to open it. They left the machine connected. However, I was not able to use the Side Pedestal.

It gave me an error message (ERROR: Mini Washer [E7] Stack Detecting Switch error.) Also, it would shake tremendously, and because the machine was located on the second floor, beneath the chandelier, this was an issue. I called I explained the error message and they directed me to LG. LG scheduled to have one of their engineers to come and figure out what was wrong with the machine.

The LG determined that it needed a missing piece to make both (the Side washer & main washer) communicate. He mentioned that perhaps the installers did not know what to do with the parts and took it with them. I followed up with Costco and explained that according to the LG engineer the installation was not done correctly. Costco proceeded to call Innovel Solutions (the installation company) to have their team come back to look at the machine.

Other installers came and after 35 minutes of looking at the manuals, making phone calls, scratching their heads and trying to tell me that the engineer was wrong because they believed the pedestal was the wrong one for this type of machine. Finally, they looked at a couple of videos guiding the thru the installation process and came to the same conclusion as the engineer that it was missing peace to make it work properly. At this point, the installers and I called Costco and explained that pieces were missing and a replacement for the entire unit was needed. Costco tells me that they will place the order.

Three weeks later, I called to find out that they had only ordered the pedestal reassuring me that this will resolve the issue. The pedestal was delivered September 9th, but it was left at the entryway. The delivery team that brought it didn't know what to do, they suggested that I call and ask them to send people that were familiar with this type of equipment. So I did.

Another team was scheduled to install the pedestal the pedestal on September 19th. They opened the box and decided that changing the original pedestal for the new one was not necessary but look to use the pieces from the new stand to make the machine work correctly. After an hour, one of the closes one of the washer's water lines and informed me that the brackets were missing to mount the machine and was not safe to leave it connected. Before leaving, I repeatedly asked them to make sure to report this to Costco and Innovel to later find out that they didn't.

After countless hours on the phone with Costco, and frequent trips to the laundromat my frustration intensified. At this point, all I wanted was a quick solution to being able to do laundry at home. Especially after spending so much on this equipment. One Costco representative told me that if I request a return, it would take longer between scheduling pickup and ordering a new machine.

Also, that they were only going to be able to compensate me with $150. So I agree with getting it fixed and waited for someone to get back, to let me know when this would be happening. Although, they were very apologetic and understanding of the situation, no one was able to give me a direct response. The responses were; I need to consult this with the escalating team or will have someone call you to let you know how we are going to proceed on this matter.

While still waiting for a resolution to this, On October 1st, I wake up to notice that the ceiling under the washer was placed, was wet and showing a big water stain under the chandelier. I call Costco; No paying attention to what I was saying regarding the water damage, the representative told me that my best option was to do a return and purchase the machine because it was now on sale. I asked to speak with a manager; she replied was that a manager would tell me the same thing. I called multiple times again that week, expressed my frustration and demanded that they replace the entire unit because I was tired of having them trying to repair it.

On the phone calls that follow, Costco tells me that they had issued a return and there was nothing they can do for me but schedule a pickup time. After five months going to the laundromat, countless hours on the phone waiting on hold, being transfer from one person to another, taking time from work to schedule deliveries and repairs, water damage on the ceiling and above of all of that. I had to mention to Costco that $106 were missing from the money that they refunded. It is now November, the washer/dryer combo is still here, with the additional pedestal in a brown packing box.

A box that I can't move because it weighs over 200 pounds.

What would you do? The compensation never happened, and all Costco wants to do is make arrangements to pick up the items expecting me to walk away as if this nightmare has not been my reality for the last five months.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Washer And Dryer Combination Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Experiencing our own nightmare with Costco and an LG washer set. Lots of promises missed, and we keep trying to decide if we should bail on them.

The problem is we have waited so long now, and they keep promising to resolve our issues soon. Seems like all lies, with no end in sight.


We are going through the same ordeal now. It was supposed to be delivered on 4/25, showed up two weeks later.

Even though they were supposed to install it, they left it in the middle of the kitchen claiming there are missing brackets and told US to get them.

Just a nightmare. DO NOT GET ANY APPLIANCES FROM COSTCO!It's not worth the hassle

@Ivana Mandrick

I am still working of getting the water damage resolve. It is now going to be a year.