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After buying this food for my dog before Christmas she wasn't eating very well..then she started vomiting the food..then bile..followed by diarreaha.blood in urine.not acting her self..increased food intake..took her to vets 400.00 got xray..and clinical nothing showed..they gave my antibiotics saying it must be a uti..she completely stopped eating and drank excessive..took her off 3 days after pill wont lift her head..bloodshot eyes..wont eat..drink some..not herself..i have seen many people with same symptoms..I had blood work today 700.00 waiting until tomorrow for results.. if it shows ecoli..I am going to demand you recall this product..reimburse my food and vet costs!!!!!

Reason of review: bad dog food/sick animal.

Monetary Loss: $717.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • poisoned family pet
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COSTCOs dog food made my dogs sick too. Check only 3 stars.

I Only feed 4 or 5 star now.

Costs a lot more but pay now or the vet later. Mr Chewy has a large inventory, free delivery over 49 dollars and auto delivery..they are great.


Would u post an update on this complaint? How is your dog doing now ?