Vero Beach, Florida

Today I arrived at Costco at 10am and along with several other customers was told I could not shop until 11am. Only customers who held business or executive cards could enter the store

Many of us waiting outside were annoyed at the long wait.

I don't understand these new hours. There were very few people with executive and business Costco cards shopping inside. Of course if you had upgraded to these cards, there was no time limitation. More money for Cosco but a pain for regular customers.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

John Lutes

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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I agree that the "business member" hours are ***... but I think that's been around for a while.

Anyway, the warehouse I used to work at didn't even go by this rule. The rule is mostly there for warehouses that are extremely busy... that way business members can get in there early, take care of their large orders, and get out before a large rush comes in. I think maybe it is necessary for warehouses like in NY where their door counts are 400+ every half hour...

but the one I worked at didn't get nearly that much business, so we just let everyone in. I think other warehouses should do that too as long as they are not incredibly busy... or they could just take the business hours out altogether. But yeah there are ways to get a business card yourself...

I used to see business cards come through all the time and people never bought business stuff with them lol.. It's not like they check.. and I even have a business card now and I certainly don't own a business... they just ran out of regular membership cards.

Anyway Costco is a really good company that pays their workers extremely well. And even though I don't work there anymore, I still love going there because their customer service is excellent every time I go, and I always took really good care of members when I worked there because they expected that of us.


You should have invented a fake company to sign up under in order to get a "business" membership. You are not obligued to show them any kind of proof of your business, they have to take your word for's in their "Terms of Service" contract.

That's what I did for my family at a Costco here in Columbus, OH. That way we have the privilege to shop starting @ 7AM!!!!

...Think before you sign-up partner......

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