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Update by user Jan 27, 2018

I would like to see Costco address this issue asap.

Original review posted by user Jan 26, 2018

NYC area - was just told that the Mocha Freeze is now $3 (~$1.50 originally). If they plan to kill it they should have just done that, not waste everybody's time.

I can understand a 10% hike, OK, everything gets more expensive over time. But DOUBLE?! I can't understand for the life of me how they can even expect people to shell out $3 - McDonald's Mocha Frappe is much better and it's only $2!!

The Mocha was one of the highlights of my trip to any Costco I went to. One more reason not to bother going to Costco anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Mocha Freeze Coffee.

Reason of review: Price doubled on the Mocha Freeze.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Agree. Whomever is is charge of Costco’s changes is making mistakes.

Pastor salad? No kielbasa?


The new flavor is to, to, to sugary. I have tried to like it but it is like drinking a cup of chocolate sugar.

Bring back the old recipe. I would even pay a little more to get the old flavoring back. I too looked forward to my drink when I go to Costco. Tried 3 times to like the new taste.

Threwall of them out. Won ' t be getting any more.


Not that you care but I did not rejoin due to the increase in the price of the mocha freeze. I did pay the higher price but did not like the taste anymore. Not sure you changed maybe the higher price took the good taste with it


Costco really screwed up on this one!! I was totally addicted to the old ones, having one a day and buying extra for the days they would be closed (had to have my latte).

The new version is NOT anything like the original!!

The Costco I go to had the most mocha/latte sales between the 3 locations near me within a 6 miles radius - until the new ones came out, now their sales have decreased 50%, an employee told me. I agree, the price is a bit much for us spoiled Costco people but still cheaper than Starbucks (which I hate) and most coffee places.


Recommend folks reach out to Costco customer-support and submit a request to bring the old ones back at $1.50. You can make a suggestion here:;287%3B289%3B294


I made special trips to Costco for the old Late Freeze at $1.50. They were great.

I won't wast my time on the new version for $3. - with double the calorie count..

Really Costco?! I think they blew this one!


AND the first-time I bought one at the new price it tasted awful. Too much coffee and chocolate!


I agree- the new one is awful!! We would buy at least a dozen a week and now we hardly shop there period.


The new latte recipe is not good. The taste was so bad that we ended up tossing them after a few sips.

That hurt—after having paid double the usual price.

We used to make extra trips to Costco just for the lattes. We will never buy another one!


Agree! They ruined the taste, increased the calories and doubled the price. Very un-Costco, I'm pissed.


No more mocha free for me


Yes I agree a 100 percent increase was price gouging by Costco’s and they will lose money over it for I would stop in just to buy 6 or 8 to freeze. While there I would normally buy a few items so they loose this sale.


I completely agree! Since their price increase, i only ordered the latte feeeze once, and it was worse than the original that was cheaper.

I have since stopped going to the food court.

Costco has to admit they made a mistake and reduce the price. I have since started going to McDonald’s, which tastes a lot better!!


I agree. One of the draws to Costco, is their food court.

It IS exactly the same at double the price! Very disappointing. I realize that prices increase with inflation, but to over double!???! Sorry to say, I won't be going there anymore.

Mc Donalds, here I come. ..

@Anonymous's not the same recipe as before.This new one is super sweet and has a very bitter aftertaste

@Linda C

Thanks for trying it and letting us know - this I would have liked even less!!