Skokie, Illinois
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I wanted the order form for a sheet cake faxed to me, a common practice. During the 10 minutes I tried, I was transferred until I reached a phone where no one answered.

Because there was no direct line to the bakery, I tried the food court twice, the administrative office and the membership desk to no avail. One person, who transferred me, suggested I use the web site. I had tried that but couldn't find anywhere to order a sheet cake and, of course, she didn't have any idea where to look, either.

I called the administrative office at the Northbrook store. She answered on the second ring, faxed the form and confirmed that "They're terrible at answering the phone the Niles store!"

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: If I fax the order, will someone answer the phone to let me know that it has been received?.

Costco Pros: This is the only time i have been disappointed.

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Geez what a complainer . You need to go to the store to order sheet cakes!! If you don't like that, then don't order from Costco.


Nice try liar, but for you to be transferred SOMEONE had to answer the phone in the first place, and your title says that NO ONE answers the phone.

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