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Will Costco never learn about making customer angry! I went to purchase book America and 2 other customers were buying it also.

All the other books had prices on them except AMERICA, hoping that no one would buy it. How sad is that--this is not Germany under Hitler--what person at Costco thinks they should burn our books--we are not quite a communistic country yet but getting close.

The hippie's son is a communist and the CEO of Costco has had a wonderful following. I cannot believe how the price have gone up recently, lamb chops, pork ribs and everything.

I have been your customer for 20 years will give you another chance but my attitude and enthusiasm for you has certainly changed. Do you know when to stop with this book America, the movie was wonderful and the total truth about our world today, why don't you open up your eyes.

Coldwater Creek just went bankrupt, you could do the same. Do not pick my books for me!

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Are you saying that no company CEO should have any political opinion? Or they should just have the opinion you agree with?

That's one of the great things about living here, we can believe what we want. You actually are the one with the problem.

You think everyone has to agree with you. That's not how it works.

They weren't burning the book, they were in fact selling it, you just couldn't find the price.


How does this make any sense? Just because the book didn't have the price on it, you now compare it to Nazi Germany?! real reasonable arent you?...smh


The CEO of Costco is a social political liberal who recently, at his own residence in the Seattle area, hosted a dinner for visiting Barak Obama. That should tell you everything and anything you ever want to know about Costco.

to Used to be loyal customer #929006

That's a good thing :)) and also for the person who wrote this complaint next time just take the book to the cashier when you paying for the rest of your groceries and ask her/him to do a price check for you.

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