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My family, extended family, friends, co-workers and neighbors are ALL very upset and disappointed in Costco not having any Easter supplies! Is Costco making an anti-Christian statement?

We have shopped at Costco for several years, and this is the first year that we have found nothing pertaining to Easter, and this was the Tuesday before Easter Sunday! I inquired to a Costco employee, believing that I couldn't find the Easter articles, and she stated that they have two boys Easter baskets on the bottom shelf on the second aisle, so I asked if that was all Costco had and she stated that that was all they ever had.

Very poor form to dis such an important family holiday. Unbelievable!

Reason of review: Sell Easter items as before.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Easter is not the holiday that it used to be - speaking strictly in retail terms - I mean how many ads did you see that mentioned Easter?


Costco buyers work hard to find things that will move out of the warehouses fast. Nothing to do with religion, although easter is not the holiday it used to be.


well considering that we get the stuff in a month before the holiday, you should have had plenty of time to get your easter things.


You sound extremely entitled and completely. Welcome to the world as other religions in America experience it.

You didn't have a problem at Costco. You just were unreasonabe.