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I was very disappointed in a Costco Coconut Cream Pie which I purchased for Easter dessert in the San Luis Obispo, CA store. It looked beautiful in the tin with whipping cream and shaved coconut on top and a graham cracker crust.

However when serving the pie, much to my dismay, there was only a thin layer of coconut filling inside the pie! A better name for it would of been a Whipped Cream pie with coconut sprinkles because there wasn't enough filling to taste the coconut in the that pie!

Overkill on the whipping cream! Won't ever be buying any cream pies again at Costco!

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i am nuts for coconuts!


That is unfortunate. I also purchased a coconut cream pie for Sunday's dessert and found it to be quite delicious.

It was from the Everett, WA store, so it easily possible that their pies used more coconut cream filling as I did not find it lacking in the least. It is certainly a dessert I would purchase again.


Next time bake yerself!


you get what you pay for.

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