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Went with my sister to Costco. Thought of getting a membership..Not impressed with the place at all..

too few checkouts open for as many ppl there. In line for at least for an hour & couldn't find any employee to help..etc.

No thanks... I'll stick with Sam's..

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Whatever pleases you is fine, but Sam's is not even close. Costco is number one for good reasons.


SAM'S have always been number 1. I refuse to go any of the other ones with my money.NO THANKS, SAM IT IS.

Costco and any of the other ones have always be sams.n second or last when it comes to Sams.

I say spend your money were it counts and we know where that is. "SAM'S "