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received a pair of glasses that were no good. Was it the lens?

the prescription? bad frames that didn't fit the lens and were pulling them up instead of straight? After two weeks I was so frustrated and angry that no adjustments we did helped that I finally returned them, lens and frame. When I returned a few days later to ask about the axis and could such a large change in that figure in my prescription be responsible for the poor vision I was lectured about my return.

How I wasted their time, their materials etc. That the glasses had to be destroyed and caused them to lose money. It went on about 2 minutes. What?!

I could have really wasted their materials etc if I had the lens redone and redone and redone and something else was wrong. BTW--I took these glasses to 3 other costcos to have them checked. Nobody could tell me why I couldn't see out of them. And they all agreed there was something wrong with the frames.

Also, as I sat at each of the costcos and waited my turn I got to hear similar complaints about new glasses not working for the customer at 2 of the 3 costos!!!!!

I'm going to get a vision exam recheck and will NOT be going to costco for my new glasses--at least not that particular costco for sure. They will not get any of my money.

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Costco does not own or employ the optical centers in their store- sort of like how the mall does not own the stores in it.

You need to find out the name of the main doctor/company and file a complaint with them.


My recent and first experience purchasing eye glasses at Costco was very satisfactory. My husband and I for years have gone to a family owned optician in San Antonio, and paid $400-600 a pair for our new glasses.

We chose expensive frames and lenses that were progressive, transition,anti-reflective, etc. A friend told us that we didn't have to pay that much, and that we should go to Costco vision. We did,and paid half that price for glasses that are very fashionable and the lenses were made perfectly the first time. We went back to our friend at the original optical store and asked why the huge difference.

She replied that they just couldn't compete with Costco's prices, because Costco, being such a large company, can get much better prices than they can. She said she didn't blame us at all for going there.

I highly recommend Costco for eyeglass needs. :)


I had my glasses done at Costco and they are THE best. I had my outside prescription with me, but my eye doctor warned me that the axis might be a problem. Did not happen for me, but I always recommend Costco.