Mississauga, Ontario

I purchased this sun shelter beginning of May 2014 from Costco. When I tried to put it together a week later on the weekend, there were important parts missing, one of them being the central rood connector so I couldn't put it together.

I immediately called Sojag as Costco does not deal with anything after purchase, and they said they would send the parts to me. Well a week later and no parts so I called Sojag again. They stated the parts were on a container ship on the way from China. I stated that parts were promised to be shipped and suggested to send me the missing parts from another box.

Well another week has passed and no parts. I called them today and they stated again that the parts did not ship and could not provide me an explanation. It is impossible dealing with these people. It is June 9 and no parts and I have a useless sun shelter.

I tried to leave a bad review for Sojag on the Costco website but it was not posted. They only post good reviews as to what suits them and makes Costco look good.

All smoke and mirrors. Not very honest company!!!!

Monetary Loss: $825.

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You know u can return the product to costco for a full refund


I have had the same type of issue with Sojag. I have had a useless Nevada sun shelter partially assembled for a month because Sojag can't find the parts I need after telling me they would pull them from a box and send them to me.

Now they tell me they don't know when they'll send me my parts. Every time I call it takes about 1/2 hour to finally talk to somebody.

I wanted someone from Sojag to call me and I got told

"We don't have enough phone lines to make out going calls during the day" REALLY!

Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Stay away from SOJAG products.