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First, don't think that ordering furniture from Costco is like ordering any other merchandise. It's a completely different beast. You will be left at the mercy of the manufacturer and the shipping company and Costco WILL NOT HELP YOU. You may love a piece of furniture and are in a rush to buy, but please read my experience first before you do so.

Summary: if you are OK with waiting a very long time (longer than Costco claims) for your order, and in dealing with three different entities saying frustratingly different things in case something does go wrong, then you should go ahead and order with Costco. I hope it works out for you. This was a wedding gift so timing was very important which Costco could care less about. It was just another order. My suggestion is to go to any big furniture retailers or a department store as they are far more responsive and have better control over the process than Costco.

Costco did not fulfill the basic needs of servicing their customer. They are behaving like a low tier discount retailer with a "you get what you pay for" mentality


My first mistake was believing the false claim about delivery times being made on the Costco website. The site states 3-5 weeks time, but the moment you call the shipping company (Lodeso in my case) they will pooh pooh those estimates and suggest a 4-6 week period.

Second, the delivery company website tracking is a joke. They will tell you that when an order has shipped, but that is not for you, it is shipping from the manufacturer to the delivery company. The order will need to be 'Consolidated' before it gets to you.

Three weeks into the order, I checked in with Costco on the status. They pretty casually let me know that there is little they can assist me with other than give me the contact of the delivery company. But yeah they did make a big deal out of changing the phone number on the order. A very official email was sent two day later by an escalation team member letting me know how Costco was successful in changing this info and the contact of the team member was given with an email and phone number. Don't bother, you are now in possession of a useless email and phone number, as they will not respond to you.

I called the delivery company and they pointed me to the manufacturer (Lifestyle furniture). This is where it got really frustrating. Many false promises were made and broken politely.

I was told that the rails were broken and needed to be replaced, but don't worry as a replacement order is on the way. She asked if I would take a partial delivery to which I said yes, and the agent at the company tells me that she will make it happen. Two days later, I call the delivery company and they say that they need confirmation from Costco for a partial delivery. I call Costco's escalation line and left messages with two different people, but no response. I call the furniture company and the same agent who was working on my case, who had even promised me that she will send used slats in the interim and will replace with new ones, repeats the same info. I asked her for the partial delivery and it is if she is hearing it for the first time.

My five weeks per Costco claim are up and still no sign of the furniture. No calls from Costco escalation have been returned despite repeated messages to two different agents.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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You shouldda just went and picked up some of furniture that the Salvation Army didn't want. You probably could have asked them and they would have told you where you could get some free furniture. And the previous owners of the furniture would be grateful to you for taking it away for them.


It's been a nightmare 2 and a half months waiting for furniture...never again


I so wish I would have seen this 8 weeks ago when I ordered furniture from Costco. There website stated 2-4 weeks delivery...

Costco furniture customer services sent me an email stating that the Mfg likes to deal with Costco customers directly.

Yea, all they do is tell me what I want to hear to stall for more time. I purchased from Costco not the Mfg


How did you lose $1800? If it was delivered, you can just return it to the COstco store nearest you and get your money back.

If it wasn't delivered, you weren't charged.

If you were, simply have the charge contested with your credit card company. Easily resolved.


Never buy any major deliver from Costco, especially furniture


Wow. I wish I had read this before I ordered.

To make a long, complicated story short, it is now 2 months since I purchased the furniture on the Costco website, and I have just now gotten the first call from the delivery company, who told me "We don't come out your way very often," and told me the ONE time they would be in my area. Unfortunately that was one day I absolutely have to be at work, so now I have to wait for the next last-minute date they spring on me that is worked entirely around their convenience and profit margins and not at all around the customer.


Agreed. I will NEVER buy COSTCO furniture online again for delivery.

They use 3rd party for delivery. They delivered furniture, REFUSE to install/assemble BED, and incorrectly attached items. During return visit to try to fix, they make it worse!

Do yourself a favor and for your sanity, don't do it.

The bottom line is the poeple providing the service, not the company or subcontractor they work for.


Just wanted to respond on the furniture - I would buy furniture from Costco again in a heartbeat! Bought a bedroom set 5 years ago - and the drawers were sticking and the slides not working properly.

I contacted the Corporate headquarters really to find out if there were other complaints or possibly a recall... and they immediately took over and sent someone out to replace all the slides and fix anything that was not right.

AMAZING customer service.


Not sure what the hate is with Costco for all these folks. Costco negotiates the best price for you and sells some of the best products.

If you are trying to buy quality furniture similar to Costco say in Macy's or similar- the same delays apply. In my case - my bedroom set from Costco is still awesome after two moves and being reinstalled; furniture from Macy's had been *** and coming apart in the seams in less than two years (sofa and dining table chairs).

Regardless of your experience- they do have the best return policy which in my opinion gets abused by several members - returning bread, eggs and half used milk carton.

If you are so pissed - kindly renege your membership and move on. I am never into defending a corporate behemoth, however, Costco is truly an exception.


I am actually shocked to hear that people are having a difficult time with ordering furniture from Costco! Most of my home is furnished from Costco online and I have NEVER had one moments problem.

We even had one bedroom suit for almost a year, when the top of the dresser began to lift a tiny bit in one corner. They sent someone out to look at it and rather than repair it, they offered a complete refund, because they no longer sold that particular suite of furniture!

We have ordered bedroom suites w/ mattresses, four leather chairs, a sofa and our kitchen dining set and they are all great! We are building a new home in late 2018 or early 2019 and plan to sell nearly everything in our current home and will furnish the new home from Costco too and this time we intend to get our appliances from Costco too!