Halifax, Nova Scotia

My boyfriend & I recently purchased a Costco membership. The woman at the customer service desk was friendly and excited to help us in the beginning.

With time she became extremely pushy on buying the most expensive membership and made us feel very uncomfortable. We insisted on only buying the Gold Membership at the time and her response was "But why.. I don't understand" and "It doesn't make sense". This was after declining her offer to purchase the most expensive membership twice already.

So in the end I basically was forced to bring up my financial situation and tell her I could not afford to buy the expensive one as I did not have that much money in my bank account (because I am a recently graduating student starting my full time job June 10th). After that she was very quiet and unfriendly compared to her happy pushy sales person personality in the beginning. I am not someone to complain, I have never complained about customer service before and I was a server at a restaurant for 8 years before so I know that a complaint can really be the worst thing for someone.

This happened two days ago and I am still thinking about how much it bothered me and I wanted to email COSTCO but I could not find an email address on their website. I could only find phone numbers that could be used from 8-5, so here is my complaint.

  • Tara at COSTCO
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Management mustbe pushing this very very hard. They give you bad vibes when you keep saying no.

They act like it's a life and death matter. Many retail businesses push their credit cards really hard too. A big turn off.

The last time they did this at Costco I wanted to say 'you guys are really *** me off. Maybe I'll just start doing all my shopping at Grocery Outlet.'


That sucks! Go back to the warehouse and ask for the Membership Manager.

I'd say that you should use a Member Feedback Form, but sometime the Membership employees are responsible for keying them; she sounds like the kind of person that would throw away a complaint about her.

Anyways! Talk to the Membership Manager and express your concern about the hard sales tactics and that you're considering joining Sam's Club instead (if you have one local).