Royal Oak, Michigan

My daughter and I live about 5 mins. from the store so consequently we shop there a lot! I have usually been more than happy with the store but today we were standing waiting for muffins to come out and there were two other customers beside, one being a store owner and he was trying to load up on them. Our favorite is lemon poppy seed and our wait was in vain. They aren't going to be made anymore. I find that at Costco a lot and I heard other customers complaining about one time they find stuff and the next time they don't. I know this is a small thing but I called customer service to ask about this and she was very matter of fact so I will be thinking about renewing my membership until May when it's due. It's a very competitive market here for groceries so it isn't really a problem as lots of places make those muffins.

On to my next complaint--------- your handicapped parking is really a joke and obviously not well thought out by your traffic planner.It should be your closest sections to the doors and not down one whole strip with a FEW in the very front. It's almost laughable unless you happen to be the handicapped one.

Back to the muffins. When I asked this lady her reply to me saying that there were some unhappy people she said 'YUP'. Wonder if she would have that attitude if she got laid off due to lack of customers? Maybe not quite so flip I bet. I know they are a small thing but I probably won't renew my membership because of the attitude.


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this can't be real. i bet someone is a troll and is making this up trying to see if they can get reactions out of people...


oh noes, they are out of my muffins? whatever will i do now?

really wake up, go shop somewhere else so normal rational people don't have to deal with you.


I think the daughter is writing this and the daughter is eight years old. No adult would make a big issue over this.

Hello Above, that is a *** conclusion you came to. Anyone can see this lady(probably your daughter wife) is making a big deal over nothing.


All the *** paid off. My costco now carries those awful poppyseed lemon muffins. Those things pack a huge 500 to 700 calories!


I would guess all you above writers work for Costco and are brain washed. What this lady is trying to say is that Costco could care less about anyone asking for anything.

They have gotten too big and will grow and get rich off the masses.

I tried to write in about numerous things and also talked to those in the store about things. I have yet to find anyone who gives a *** except for taking your money. I can find lower prices than Costco on a lot of things.

Being a member of Costco for some 20 years I finally got my head out of the sand and found out that they are not so hot!

One more vote for the Poppy Seed Muffins, thank you. And have a good day you grumps!


to discontinue membership at a costco because of one item vs. many others that satisfy your every day needs is retarted to say the least. if any reason i would say disatisfaction of the product or service and as to the employee who said yup that person probably heard your same gripe by many other members before you so i would think "yup" is a fairly polite response


u betta keep your costco's membership cause sams is like a ghetto version of costco and obviously u get a thrill out of shopping at a wharehouse, otherwise I see no reason to complain


booohoo lets whine over lemon poppy seed muffins.

and "costco" certainly won't have any financial trouble because of a ***' "muffin scandal". sorry.


Let's THINK here for a second. Work with me here.

1. Handicapped parking requirements are mandated by Federal law. Sight unseen, I'd bet that Costco is just fine with what they offer.

2. Muffins? You'd give up your membership in a store you admit that you've been "more than happy with" because of muffins that, as you point out, other stores carry.

3. I don't know the entire story of MuffinGate, but I'm pretty sure Costco, or ANY store, wouldn't stop selling a phenominally popular, profitable item. "Some unhappy people" doesn't mean the same thing as "many unhappy people." There's always complaints when an item is dropped by any store.


This is hilarious. Honestly, wow. what do you do all day, sit at home and complain about stuff.